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Indrek Pringi 05-28-13 11:06 PM

"V" Handlebars
Here's the thing: I custom built my own bike, I found a handle bar that came from an old kid's bike that went straight up: flaring out from the straight cross-section like a "v'. Then my bike was stolen and now I can't find another handlebar like the one I had on this continent. I'm trying to rebuild what was stolen. Has anyone seen this kind of handlebar? Is there a name for this kind of handlebar?. Any info will be appreciated. I don't know where to look.

Philphine 05-29-13 01:17 PM

high rise?

all guesses, stemming from you saying they were from a kids bike. try searching with those words.

Motopecane 05-31-13 08:31 AM

I think I know the bars you are talking about. There is a set on an American Eagle road bike at a bike co-op by my house. I will try to get some photos of it next Tuesday when they are open.


Wordbiker 06-03-13 06:14 AM

What you are likely looking for are called Flatland Bars.

Artkansas 06-03-13 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by Philphine (Post 15681002)
high rise?

Ape hanger handlebars like these?

yodatic 12-07-13 06:30 AM

Maybe "Bull Moose" bars ? tom

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