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BaileyMoon 07-22-13 08:00 AM

I tried to search this topic on the boards.. but didn't get any hits.. Has anyone ever Steampunked a bike? or seen a Steampunked one in person? I was going to make it a summer project to pull one of the bikes we have at home, together with some extra parts.. and try this. But, summer is going by quickly so it might be an autumn project instead.

StephenH 07-22-13 11:14 AM

Do a google image search for "steampunk tricycle" and it'll show a recumbent tadpole trike, that's the main one I've seen.

jockotobling 08-02-13 10:51 PM

I did a Google search "steampunk bicycle", and got a bunch of cool pix

KLiNCK 08-02-13 11:05 PM

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Would this be considered basic "Steampunk"?

leicanthrope 08-03-13 01:08 AM

Found this example of a steampunk recumbent:

fietsbob 08-03-13 10:09 AM

Carbide powered headlights? or Kerosene wick ?

turbo1889 08-07-13 08:25 AM

I've seen a couple write-ups and builds on the net on steampunk style e-bikes (bikes that are hybrid powered by a combination of an electric motor powered by a battery pack on the bike and the human motor that work together to provide better hill climbing and/or better speed capabilities then the human motor alone can muster). One used a solenoid electric motor which is just like a motorcycle internal combustion motor except instead of pistons with burning gasoline its electric push/pull solenoids that go up and down and spin the crank all in a clear plastic casing so you can see everything move with a three speed spur gear transmission shifted via a big lever in the middle of the bike about the middle of the top tube. Look for it on the web and you should find it. Also some other steampunk e-bike builds out there as well but the solenoid electric motor instead of a conventional rotary electric motor is very unique.

squirtdad 08-07-13 10:22 AM

I have seen steampunk styled bikes at the Maker faire. you might check the maker faire website. Think ornate work, brass fixtures.

a quick search of google images.... steampunk bike or steampunk bicycles will give a lot of examples

long john 08-12-13 05:07 AM

check this out

Senhor Colnago 08-13-13 05:51 PM

"Steampunk" =

Much ado about nothing. Why legitimize a phony "design genre" by giving it more serious attention than it deserves (which is exactly zero)? Just the idea of trimming today's technology in oak, brass, and leather, to evoke a fantasy era is contrary to reason, not to mention insulting to one's intelligence.

Yes, I'm a snob, in the sense that I would like to see substance, quality, and sense in artifacts. I loved the style that Hollywood brought to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Simply put, those production designers created a style that fit the era into which it was placed. The Nautilus and Taylor's Time Machine are touchstones of futuristic Victorian industrial design.

But putting 1904 typewriter keys onto an Apple keyboard, and then cloaking the flat screen in brass, oak, and leather? Asinine and phony.

Because their geometry originated in Victorian times and has changed little since, metal bicycles are by nature, Industrial Revolution devices. To my eye, there's no need to phony them up like that Maker Faire monstrosity. There's nothing quite as charming as an early 1900's bicycle, rideable though a bit greasy and crusty. Pure machine, not pure BS hiding the machine underneath. There's an English gentleman selling loads of these on Ebay lately, and each one is a gem. He goes by the handle "groovydubber".
They are bits of history, and their charm is undeniable.

Artkansas 08-13-13 08:51 PM

You can't get more steampunk bike than this replica of the 1896 Roper.

That is unless you consider the original 1869 Roper that's in the Smithsonian.

Artkansas 08-13-13 08:53 PM

The Hudspith Steam Bicycle is pretty cool too.

Artkansas 08-13-13 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by leicanthrope (Post 15920109)
Found this example of a steampunk recumbent:

There's a thread on Alt-bikes on the Brass Lion from several years ago.

BGBeck 07-28-14 09:20 PM

What can I say?

Originally Posted by Artkansas (Post 15958416)
You can't get more steampunk bike than this replica of the 1896 Roper.

1896 Roper Steam Engine - Paul BrodieFlashback Fabrications Ltd.

That is unless you consider the original 1869 Roper that's in the Smithsonian.

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