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long john 08-10-13 05:41 AM

rack modification retry
I have a rack designed that will carry an art portfolio and a drawing tube. I want to use an existing factory rack and weld on my modifications. I will be tig welding or brazing.
This will be a rear rack. Has any one done this before? I want the factory rack to be of a heavy walled tube. I thought this would be a better place for this post. I should have put it here first.

Floyd 08-17-13 08:28 AM

I have welded some of my own racks but did not have anything to start with...I use the 'hanging rods' from a store bought rack, thrown away, and used pipe to make the frame which plugs into the trailer hitch...sorry, I do not have any pics

long john 08-18-13 06:25 PM

Thanks for the reply. I am hoping not to build the rack from scratch, yours sounds interesting. What are hanging rods? Do you mean store clothing rack?

Floyd 08-24-13 08:53 AM

By hanging rods I mean the 'curvy' rods that are found on an old style store bought bike carrier. since some have the threads on them I can use that to my advantage when mounting them on my homebuilt carrier..
If you know how to weld or braze, it should not be too hard to take a 'factory' rack and add your own design to carry your art ... peace,

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