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TiBikeGuy 08-11-13 10:20 PM

Cycling on water

Came across the above site that features human powered water crafts. While the various concepts are shown here, the hydrofoil will raise the floats above the water so there will be no drag from the floats. While the traditional cycle position is faster, it becomes unstable on cornering once it rises on the hydrofoils. The Recumbent seating will lower the center of gravity so turning while it is on the hydrofoil is more stable.

TiBikeGuy 08-11-13 10:22 PM

Human powered 10 km race on water

yodatic 12-17-13 06:37 AM

I need one of what #8 is riding. Thank you for posting this TiBikeGuy :thumb: tom

claystevens 02-17-14 09:41 PM

Pedal powered boating or water cylcing?:rolleyes:

bro 03-14-14 02:52 AM


lectraplayer 03-30-14 07:20 PM

I have been wanting one of these since the early 1990's but have never seen where to procure one.

Artkansas 04-08-14 08:54 PM


I once got to ride around on a bike frame welded to a couple of pontoons with a propeller and the handlebars attached to a rudder. Hand made by someone, back in the '60s.

TranceLov3 05-03-14 10:30 AM

Would love to try it out :P

Creakyknees 06-04-14 02:33 PM

not a hydrofoil, but the Hobies have been in production for years and have many variations and accessories:

MirageDrive : Hobie Cat

Aqib600 06-12-14 03:55 AM

It is an awesome idea of cycling on water.

TricycleTom 06-12-14 04:21 AM

I used to make the SpinFin pedal-propeller drive unit, until I realized that the better I made the boats, the more gas was wasted hauling them to exotic locations, and nobody was trading in a jet-ski. I've still got one boat and some parts that I'm not using. I sold the molds to my helper, and he is looking for a new partner with production space. The hydrofoils are fun, but if you engineer one for cruising speeds, it isn't any faster than a good displacement setup. For purity, you can't beat the pogo foil style.

krobinson103 06-12-14 04:53 AM

That looks like a lot of fun. Be fun to combine that with a fishing kayak and go trolling for trout.

Medic Zero 07-24-14 02:44 AM

I wonder how fast you have to paddle to keep the kayak up on the foils...

Some of the cycle based ones in the link remind me of this one:

registrar 07-24-14 07:25 PM

Looks fun to ride on water !!! Definitely will try !


BGBeck 07-28-14 09:23 PM


alexaschwanden 07-30-14 10:56 PM


jimkidi 08-01-14 04:45 AM

That's really amazing , I didn't try it yet, but I will certainly try it.

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