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TiBikeGuy 08-28-13 11:28 AM


A human powered underwater bicycle called Scubster. It is not fast, nor can it dive deep, but a fun submissible. You'll still need to use a wetsuit and dive tank as the passenger compartment is not dry.

hockeyteeth 10-18-13 06:48 AM

This is great. I learned about the Hunley when I was living on a lake and really wanted to do something like this.

ilikebikes 10-18-13 02:05 PM

Its nice and all but its not a human powered underwater bicycle, its a human powered personal sub.

yodatic 12-06-13 05:17 AM

Not a bike but cool ! We have a 2-pontoon 8' drift boat I have been planning to modify with a bike frame and an articulated prop like on that sub would be perfect! tom

Chitown_Mike 01-01-14 12:05 PM

I can see it now, Tour de France Coastline. Cool looking submersible, I'd totally cruise around in one.

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