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The Speaker Guy 09-21-13 08:31 AM

Quad wheeled two person pedal bike - Safety question
Hi everyone
On a two person pedal bike, what is the danger associated w a person putting there feet down to pavement when bike is in motion? If the foot really planted, could they break a leg by getting sucked under the heavy moving vehicle?

I am thinking a little more laid back position and lower than the normal Surrey type cars you see as rentals.

Perhaps only driver (experienced) has access to ground for reverse gear, and passenger ( often novice or guest) has a floor board.

Your thoughts?

Floyd 09-21-13 01:28 PM

I would say it is a possibility to get some hurt if this happened...if you want to go backward from a stop, then you should have no problem... not a complete answer maybe but I would not want my foot to hit the ground at any speed

Artkansas 09-22-13 08:03 AM

Yeah, I'd make sure that feet don't contact the ground. Not exactly the same, but I have a Bikes at Work trailer for my bicycle. If I push off with my left foot, it's very easy to not stop the push-off in time and get my heel caught between the ground and the trailer hitch. This can be very painful especially when the trailer is loaded. Needless to say, there is no give. I'm willing to bet that a loaded quadricycle would be just as heavy and unforgiving.

frameteam2003 09-22-13 09:34 AM

On a tadpole trike or quad your talking real danger. Use clip pedals. On very slow upright quads the danger is you might turn your ankle. On low fast trikes or quads you really could brake something

Rootman 09-22-13 10:24 AM

I could definitely see this happening. I have a bit of neuropathy in my feet and cannot tell where they are at times, so I use SPD cleats.

Prior to using them I was once was taking off and standing on the pedals and had my foot slip off the front of the pedal because I was pedaling on my heel. I planted it firmly on the ground and had the pedal came around and caught my calf. Hurt like a SOB and I had a fairly bad abrasion. I would imagine that on a far heavier, perhaps faster traveling quad bike it could do significant injury.

The Speaker Guy 04-22-14 02:31 PM

Bike is essentially done, used 24" cruiser frames, and seating position was dropped 2" and moved back 4" or so, no issues.

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