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pedalslow 09-26-13 04:14 AM

Any trikes on here?
Just wondering if anyone had pictures of old three wheel bikes trikes or anyone building one. Thanks for any pictures or info.

ilikebikes 09-26-13 07:05 PM

Ive got a bike I want to convert but it seems no one here has a trike conversion kit for a 26 inch bike. Like I mentioned in my thread I know I can get one new for around 200 but I like to hold out for a bargain. ;)

jdswitters 09-27-13 08:35 AM


80s huffy, I had a bunch of random parts laying around and started putting them on, mountain bike suspension fork and front wheel, drop bars and front brake. I let some kids borrow it at a party and they were having fun doing power slides in the gravel until the wheel went taco. I'm going to build it back, hopefully with 26" wheels but I have n't found out if the clearance is there. I spent hours getting the frame aligned so it didn't rub the 24s. Bought it off a guy who needed some money, it will be a good tour de fat ride next year.

Philphine 09-27-13 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by jdswitters (Post 16109020)

i have one similar to this, but a 20", and a 24" i've had for years. did a stretch on it and kind of lost interest. i may throw in a pic in a bit or later (i really hate how photobucket works now). i don't think trikes are much my thing

ilikebikes 09-27-13 02:43 PM

well dude let me know 'cause I need a trike kit. 24 would work.

Fastfingaz 09-27-13 03:54 PM

those frmes are hard to come by at a reasonable price, found one on CL,called,he said he had an offer 120.00,OK I said 140.00 said OK, call you tomorrow come and pick it up! never did call????

Philphine 09-27-13 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by ilikebikes (Post 16110402)
well dude let me know 'cause I need a trike kit. 24 would work.

the 24 isn't really the kit style, plus like i said, i've stretched it already so you probaly wouldn't want it anyway.
man i hate how phtobucket works now, it was easier to find this from an old thread than to search through my old account pics.

in any event, i want to keep it. it was my first try at linked steering and it didn't work well. i keep saying i'm going to get a big set of apehangers and take all the linkage off, but i never get it back to a front burner to fool with it.

ilikebikes 09-27-13 05:10 PM

Nah man, I just wanted the rear, not the whole bike. That rear is just like a kit, it should bolt on to just about any 24/26 inch bike frame. Tell you the truth Id rather have jdswitters trike type kit, I could remove the fender braces and lace a set of 26 inch wheels to the existing hubs. :)

pedalslow 09-30-13 06:17 AM

This trike that I got has 26 inch tire in front 24s in the rear and the wheels are heavy duty think wheels and spokes. I need to move the engine back to close to the pedals do a little work to the engine get it running better I don't really care that much if the engine don't work really just wanted the trike.

Sancycles 11-28-13 03:14 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I got about 4 Japanese trikes. Here's one, a Yamaha PAS electric trike.

Fastfingaz 12-03-13 04:25 PM

Man I see ya'll build trikes but,, ya'll build them low! ,,I want to build a tall trike with a 50cc engine! but can't find the right frame,,,I want the seat to be at least 4 feet tall,,,, I know I'm gonna have to be alittle wider too ,,,,,,,

yodatic 12-17-13 05:19 AM

Sancycles, that looks like a fun trike. Is that a camera on the front? We have been thinking about getting one and wondered about image stability. Thank you for posting the pics! tom

isyphoto 06-05-14 06:40 AM

6 Attachment(s) to turn it This is a Sun Trike that I just acquired, I am going to attempt to turn it into a cargo / commuter. Other than the actual frame, chain guard, and perhaps the rear axle , I am not sure there is much that is salvageable from this.

BIGDCYCLES 06-07-14 06:41 AM

I bought a Mohawk Industrial trike frame a few days ago. It is HEAVY but that should mean it should be able to handle a load and pull the trailer I will be starting on soon. Got it for $40 on good old craigslist, had been looking for an industrial trike for a while. I am working towards living car light and needed a "truck".

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