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WebFootFreak 10-04-13 08:31 AM

reverse trike steering
After I replace my current bike, I am planning on keeping the old one and purpose it to slow family picnic rides on the weekend. I have always planned on a trike, but that won't fit with our plans. I saw some pictures the other day of reverse cargo and baby carrier trikes, and that would fit the bill nicely (and give me a reason to tear the bike apart and have fun with the welder).

So, I've got plans to add a side by side child carrier in the front. The only thing that's vexing me is the steering. Do I make the wheels steer, or do I make the whole cargo area steer? I'm looking at 100-120 lbs of kids, max. I like the idea of independent steering, and I would put those wheels in front of the carrier part... but the steering shaft part is... I dunno...


fietsbob 10-04-13 01:23 PM

there are bikes made where the whole cargo area turns as one.. the steering axis is right behind
the cargo area .

Christiania Denmark , part of metro Copenhagen , is one place where some are made.

if you want to steer the wheels independently, in unison , you realize the automobile sorted it out long ago?

the radius the inside wheel follows is different from the outside wheel ,

so that has to be compensated , in the Turning Angle of the wheel..

WebFootFreak 10-04-13 01:50 PM

[QUOTE=fietsbob;16132563]if you want to steer the wheels independently, in unison , you realize the automobile sorted it out long ago?[QUOTE]

As an automotive technician, yes, I am quite aware that steering the wheels independently, in unison is an issue that has been solved.

What's driving me bat-crap crazy are the pictures I see of cargo bicycles that steer the wheel that resides in front of the cargo area. I can't find pics or info on the steering column linkage from the handlebars under the cargo area. I could very easily use a small rack and pinion to steer the fronts, but getting the steering input from the handlebars to the rack seems problematic.

I could U-joint it and run it more direct. But that would split the cargo area in two, and I'd rather not.

fietsbob 10-04-13 02:00 PM

vertical steering post and a short lever with the 2 sections of tie rod on either side ..

or Are you talking about Bak Fiets? they're 2 wheel bikes..

they have a vertical steering post too ,tie rod under load to fork crown of front wheel.

WebFootFreak 10-04-13 03:07 PM

The Bakfiet is exactly what I was thinking of. Instead of a single wheel, I'm thinking a pair of 20" wheels because there's a big weight difference in my 2 youngest.

Would you happen to have an illustration, or pic of the steering system. I get the gist of your description, but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. It's been one of *those* weeks at work, and my brain is fried. Looking forward to my saddle time this evening.

fietsbob 10-05-13 07:56 PM

An example, to illustrate ..: Go Carts.. .

Consider a Bak fiets with a long enough box and the 2 boys can both sit in the middle, on center, facing each other ..
still just 2 wheels..

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