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blown240 11-05-13 06:48 PM

My Next Build OR What To Build Next
My buddy Jeff, who's beast I am slowly building, gave me this cruiser. Its got an aluminum frame and as it sits now is under 29lbs.

My original idea was to build a light weight clunkier with disc brakes and front shocks. I started going thru the extra parts I have, and now Im not sure how I want to build it!

I have these wheels; they have Deore 9speed hubs, and disc brakes:

I also have this bike, it will give up any good parts it has, and then ill build a cheapie to give a buddy who needs a bike. Ill for sure take the front shocks off of it:


I have some tires, including the fat tires from my beast:

I also have this swing arm, that can be used as is, OR widened for a fat tire:

I have my beast fork, that already has a disc mount:

And I have the remains of this fork. The lowers are steel, so it could be widened too!


Full suspension ALuminum Klunker? Not really a Klunker at all:

OR, still build the hard tail Klunker and save the suspension bits for another custom beast. Money is defiantly an issue, and I don't have a set of fat wheels, just the hubs off of my beast, and the tires. Also a light Klunker would be cool, especially since I don't own a hard tail bike. All my bikes are full suspension. And I would probably only need to buy the disc brakes.

OH! I almost forgot: I was also given a running 4 stroke weed wacker....

Decision, Decisions!

Philphine 11-06-13 03:11 PM

is the overall dia. of those beast wheels more than a regular 26" wheel/tire?

i can't do much with aluminum, so i think if i had an extra coaster brake three speed or two speed kickback wheel that's all i would do to it.

i like that swing arm though if it's steel, and if the beast wheels could work with it (once widened. the reason for the first question), that would become the project.

blown240 11-06-13 07:30 PM

The beast tires are bigger around than a 29er. Not to mention they are 4" wide!

Philphine 11-06-13 09:59 PM

i've widened swingarms to fit 4"-ers, but they were the schwinn chopper ones. kinda figured a 26 would be too tall though. i'm pretty sure a 24x4 would still fit. i keep meaning to do it if i ever get the wheel built. if you have the hub maybe check the price of a 24x4 rim on the chopper us site.

blown240 11-08-13 09:59 AM

This bike is starting to be fun. Im really happy with how the paint came out. Its semigloss black and bare aluminum. So far all the parts on it are parts I already had. As it sits now its 18.8 pounds! Hoping to be under 25 pounds and under $100 spent when its done.

Here are a couple pics:

jlmspencer 11-07-16 03:39 PM

Is that swingarm still available?

Philphine 11-08-16 09:33 AM

haven't seen him here in a while, or at least not in this section. I know he posts on I've seen more recent posts of his in their fat bike section.

I'd check flea markets, thrift stores, craigslist, etc. for the swing arm. I have a couple as they're a favorite of mine. you can see where it says pacific cycle on it. they come off of fairly cheap bikes so you can usually buy the whole bike just to get it and not be out much, plus even end up with a few other spare parts.

blown240, in case you do come back. as mentioned from the past, I finally got around to using a 24x4 on a similar widened swing arm and it fit fine.

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