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Jseis 01-03-14 02:00 PM

Mutant MTB
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Just appeared on a friends FB post. I've no idea of history but I like!

Flying Merkel 01-03-14 03:59 PM

It's beautifully built. That's no low-buck home job

mtbikerinpa 01-03-14 04:42 PM

That would be a wicked rail-trail cruiser, how much?

yodatic 01-04-14 07:51 AM

I like the back tire/thing, but the front board would drag and plow into the sand ? tom

dezzie 01-08-14 01:05 PM called a ktrac, available from ebay in the U.S i believe!

ilikebikes 01-08-14 05:32 PM

yeah that's a kit you can buy for just about any 26 inch mountain bike, its made for riding in the snow or downhill biking / skiing. Its been available for more than a few years.

Philphine 01-08-14 07:25 PM

the few times i've read of anyone actually using one (i think i was on when i was reading about it) they said it wasn't good for much more than going downhill.

rogertc1 01-09-14 05:58 PM

Only $450 retail...not a bad price!!
Put a motor on it too.

Jax Rhapsody 01-17-14 12:26 AM

i wanted a kit because I love halftracks. The track system is plastic, the pads or more accuratly paddles are rounded for handling. Sadly much like snomobiles, works best in snow, and yes, down hill. I wish theybwould use a more all terrain friendly rubber system.

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