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MjsMcNally 01-09-14 12:04 PM

Modifying a Bike for an Art Installation - Grammophone Bike!
Hi there,

Apologies in advance for my utter lack of knowledge on modifying bikes, and also if I am posting this in the wrong place!

I am an artist and work for an organisation specialising in filmmaking, but we are currently planning an installation in which we will project films made for a large popular international theatre company (No names until the 'say-so' I'm afraid!).

What I want to do is hook up a static bicycle to a couple of things,
1. A grammophone
2. A pulley that will turn a wheel and larger pulley that drags a large piece of material across the floor.

BASICALLY I'm looking to find the best way to have a static bike turn other things at varying speeds securely and safely. And if there's an easy option to safely fix a bike in place even if that means using an exercise bike!?

And I am also asking as a complete layman to the subject.

Any help, advice or simply pointing me in a general direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Artkansas 01-09-14 01:32 PM

Is there a local bike church or bicycle coop near you. They will probably have the parts, enthusiasm and welding skills that you seek.

A bicycle is a pretty simple motor. You can take power from the rear gear or from the rear tire. You could power the gramophone electrically or mechanically. There are setups to turn a bike into a generator that are commercially available.

You could also make the chain longer and go for a direct drive of your pulley.

Or you could put the pulley in contact with the rear tire and drive it that way.

Really, there are so many ways to do this that it would take hours to lay them all out.

Good luck.

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