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Ladde 01-27-14 03:42 AM

Sculpture (Cinelli Laser crono strada)
Hey all! here's a little insight into a project I have been working. It's part of my master's degree in fine arts. The floor is free. All comments, feedback, ideas, criticisms, etc. are welcome!

jockotobling 02-01-14 10:38 PM

Ambitious and clever work for a first effort. I like your idea of using a sculpture to admire rather than a ridable bike.

Jax Rhapsody 02-01-14 10:45 PM

but but... it's not rideable...

repechage 02-03-14 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Jax Rhapsody (Post 16460465)
but but... it's not rideable...

Probably could be but it will start showing cracks soon enough.

Form an aesthetic viewpoint, it lacks quite a bit. the transitions of the head tube fairing to the down and top tubes has a kink, it should progress farther to have a smooth transition.
The underside of the seat tube also has a warble in the parabolic shape.

I have a problem with the Cinelli transfers, to a collector this bike will be easy to spot as a recreation, but there should be some obvious graphic announcement I think to the general audience that this is not an original.

I do think is it admirable to go with a brazed (welded on) front shifter attachment.

There has been conflicting reports as how the originals were done, some may have been almost all metalwork, (required by the UCI at the time, no aero add-ons. but a number of refinishers have reported plenty of bondo to repair.
No one claims these were lightweight.

Now, how about going one further and coming up with the next evolution in what would/could have been?

Flying Merkel 02-03-14 11:50 AM

I like it. This is Alt. Bikes, no use of the word "practical" or "rideable" is allowed.

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