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joe bag o donut 02-03-14 07:36 PM

Bullhorns with reverse brakes!
I am new to the forum and new to this concept of owning more bikes than pairs of shoes. I love tinkering and here is one of my first bikes I picked up with some reverse brakes, cut-down handlebars, and first time bar taping. Still trying to figure out what kind of bike she is :rolleyes: Told you I was new at this!

The pics make the bars look way more vertical than they should be. Overlook that as it will be adjusted...


Jax Rhapsody 02-05-14 12:03 AM

Looks like a road bike to me...

dwightisright 02-05-14 06:58 AM

Hey Joe come down to classic bikes part of the forum. Welcome to the forum. When down in the classic section could u bring some donuts? Like the brakes...

TugaDude 02-06-14 10:36 PM

There is only one correct angle and that is the one which offers you the most comfort. Sure, they look better when more horizontal, but put 'em how they feel best.

Artkansas 02-07-14 06:16 PM

Take it out riding and bring along the proper wrench to adjust the angle of the bars. Play around with it.

StephenH 02-17-14 06:53 AM

Sweaty hands on handlebars can be slippery. When setting that angle, consider the possibility of riding along and your hands slipping forward.

Floyd 04-12-14 08:05 PM

You may be new at this but you have come to the right place...I am not sure what you mean when you ask what kind of bike it is... As someone said it is a road bike and not good on dirt or off road, as in mountain bike... if you are looking for brand or model, should be able to get that off the bike itself, i think...As others have said the angle of the handlebars depends on how they will be comfortable for you. Enjoy the ride.

fietsbob 04-13-14 01:42 PM


Still trying to figure out what kind of bike she is
steel has no gender , its a bike diamond frame with a (X) sized wheel , leave it at that.

not a step thru bike frame FWIW, so its more a His, than a hers.

Seeing the logo, BCA looks like the company that sold it , the Asians probably made it.

unless its a respray and someone else stickered it.

the aero bar set uses the ski-tip J bend bars with that kind of brake lever ,
the bend helps not have your hands slip forward off the front end,

as the braking forces Stop the bike , but not the rider , so be careful !

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