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mikesova 04-15-14 07:45 PM

Tandem Trike
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Hey guys.

I found this little beaut on craigslist and was wondering what you thought. I've asked for better pics, but in the meantime, what do you think from this pic?

It's a homemade deal from a schwinn tandem.

I notice that the chain is hanging off the bike. I was texting with the owner and he mentioned that chain falls off because it needs to be tightened. I wonder if it's more likely that the rear sprocket isn't aligned with the crank?

It just looks like something (if it was in proper working condition) that would be a freaking blast to ride around town with my wife.

Fastfingaz 04-16-14 05:35 PM

can't believe you are texting about it and have'nt made a move, around my area if you see something like that you better get it now! or you loose out! what does he want for it??

Philphine 04-17-14 06:14 PM

if i had the extra cash and space, yeah i'd get it. if it's not welded together you could always take it apart to have a regular tandem and trike separately.

Floyd 04-18-14 02:49 PM

If his price is not too far out of your range,,,some 'tweaking' should be able to fix the chain thing. course that means you'd have to like messing with the tweaking...

jdswitters 05-08-14 04:02 PM

the rear end is off of an old Huffy circa early to mid 80s, an notoriously twitchy to get bolted on strait. But they are adjustable so it is possible.

to put this in perspective to come up with a donor and tandem and trike parts in this area anyway you would spend about $350 minimum.

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