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hodala 04-20-14 12:25 AM

Tilting tadpole trike mod kit
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2 weeks ago first time road test,knuckles type is OK for motorbikes,but steer angle not enough for bicycle in tight turns,so I redesign knuckle turning rod ends joints 90 degree

hodala 04-20-14 12:34 AM

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replaced knuckles to get ennough steering angle

joshfromga 04-23-14 03:14 AM

does this tilt as you turn the handlebar or when you lean? I cant tell.

hodala 04-24-14 10:23 AM

tilting independent with turning,it rides just like 2 wheelers with yourself balance

Jeff Wills 04-26-14 10:56 PM

I saw a similar student-built design at UC Irvine about 30 years ago. It was welded to the donor frame, but otherwise worked in exactly the same fashion.

I'd rather have mine recumbent, like this:

hodala 04-27-14 01:56 PM

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Since 30 years ago, I'd see tilting 3 wheelers in PS/PM magazins
These are my motorbike versions before,I build the bicycle this type becuse most bike can easily mod this way with the front frame kit

hodala 04-30-14 05:17 AM

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A little road test,tight turn & tilting are fine,main column too skinny to undertake torgue when ran over big obstacles,steel cylinder tube should be better

Jax Rhapsody 05-04-14 09:11 PM

That design has been done before, bit it's nice to see somebody work on perfecting it. I personally don't want to touch that genre.

hodala 05-07-14 10:52 AM

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This is no invention but engineering, I saw some people/companies copied my design but my builds are alway new project of my own

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