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  1. Men riding a womens bike????
  2. Incontinence and alternative bike seat
  3. Advice and help with trike build
  4. Upright trike: Anybody knows?
  5. Riding with a Foley catheter.
  6. E-Bikes
  7. Kits to power a wheelchair?
  8. Riding with a defective distal radioulnar joint
  9. Low Vision Tandem & Touring
  10. Time Trial bike setup for one arm
  11. Road bike frame for bad neck
  12. Leg/foot amps...about Boots?
  13. Loss of strength/function in left leg
  14. How to use a single training wheel?
  15. Rant: no left/right alternate shifters
  16. 3 wheeled tandems...
  17. foot straight?
  18. Is there a market for a push/pull handcycle?
  19. I now have my perfect one-hand bike. At last.
  20. Son Missing 4 Left Fingers
  21. Vertigo, BPPV Climbing Mountains
  22. Are you looking for one of these? Adaptive cycles found for sale.
  23. VERTIGO: Anyone trying to recover & get riding again?
  24. Suspension or no suspension? Cycling novice buying folding bicycle
  25. L5-S1 Fusion - Bike to Choose
  26. Limited Knee Flexion
  27. Gears and drivetrain modifications for handcycles
  28. Supportive bike shoes?
  29. Considering handcycle build attempt. looking for plans.
  30. Would or have you ridden a 2 wheeled handcycle?
  31. The Audio Gallery, Lake Oswego, Or
  32. A guy with 1 leg blew by me yesterday.
  33. Retinitis Pigmentosa won't stop me.
  34. Am i trueing rim right direction?
  35. Weak Hands - Hirayama's Disease
  36. Adaptive Cycling Expo
  37. Dealing with a fully fused spine
  38. Happy w/o a drivers' license
  39. Granny gear for Invacare Top End Excelerator XLT
  40. Cycling Imbalances and Vision question
  41. Cycling with a Fused Spine?
  42. Ride by side
  43. Bike Options for person with several medical issues
  44. Which bike for herniated disc
  45. varicocele
  46. This bike would be perfect
  47. Cheapest option to build Racer Tricycle
  48. cycling with one hand options?
  49. Trail a Trike
  50. Cleat Adjustment Video
  51. Cycling with Degenerative Disc Disorder
  52. How to compensate for 11/16 to 3/4 leg discrempency?
  53. Stroke, strong side paralyzed. Bicycling? Thoughts and ideas?
  54. Knee Issues - "Helped" by Riding!
  55. AC Separation Surgery: How Long Till You Were Back Riding?
  56. Prostate issue...need saddle advice.
  57. Cycling with disabled older children
  58. Macular Degeneration
  59. Stabilizer Wheels
  60. Neat rig
  61. Past injury, sore foot, need padding
  62. Able to ride again
  63. Stuck without a wheel/motor!!
  64. My new trike. If you can build it yourself.
  65. adapting position for fused ankle
  66. Learned to ride a bike with your disability?
  67. Left-hand rear derailleur shifting with brifter?
  68. I'm worried! my mom wants to start biking!
  69. I'm interested in a handcycle for arm exercise
  70. biking while recovering from knee injury - currently locked at 0 degrees.
  71. Bad neck requires significantly upright handlebars - looking for lighter bike
  72. Advice needed - biking with chronic knee pain/issues
  73. Reading/sunglasses
  74. Need some advice, I have Rotator cuff problems in both shoulders.
  75. Aero Bars After Dislocated Shoulder
  76. left-side helmet-mounted mirror when blind in left eye
  77. Power meter for handbike
  78. Need Info On This Bike
  79. Hand bikes for the knee impaired
  80. bicycle sidecars for aged adults?
  81. GF's son has only one usable arm and does not have opposable thumbs, 2 wheel bike OK?
  82. Off-road biking - will glasses fall of?
  83. paul duplex lever for sale in C&V
  84. Subtalar Fusion
  85. Grip-shift gear shifters for hand cycles
  86. Pedal extenders
  87. baskets/pallets for bakers bikes?
  88. Mild Cerebral Palsy - Suggestions Please!
  89. Former Rep Gifford Rides Tour de Tucson
  90. Knee Injury
  91. Converting flat bar road bike to drop bar - one handed operation
  92. Jimmy Goddard - Short Film on Handcycling
  93. Any others riding with an ostomy? advice wanted!!
  94. Best Electric Trikes
  95. Bicycle Touring with Disability's Medical like Diabetes and Eye Problems etc???
  96. Best shifter for weak/small hands?
  97. Swampy Liners
  98. Disabled Veteran(s) (Disabled) with Brain Injuries Who Lost Driver's License
  99. Hand trike Requirements
  100. Introduction: BK Returns to Cycling