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  1. Mountain vs. touring bike sizing
  2. my left shoulder a lit bit numb after change handlebar according to bike fitting
  3. Tricep fatigue but only one arm
  4. Changing rider position to help lower back pain?
  5. Youth road bike
  6. Stem Question
  7. Modifying A trike for an overweight rider
  8. Trying to get into road cycling but got the wrong size
  9. Upper back pain/long reach to bars
  10. Could use some clarification.
  11. Fixing fit with a stem
  12. Riding position change animation
  13. Fitting IGH three speeds?
  14. Seat opinions - Cobb Tenace
  15. In between frame Sizes
  16. Beam bike size guide?
  17. Another fit helpful?
  18. Rear pannier rack size
  19. Specialized Power setup/saddle questions
  20. Cleat bolt size help
  21. Why do I keep changing my bike fit?
  22. Building a bike from scratch - noob alert
  23. choosing a new quill stem
  24. Help with a few items
  25. Moving to Racing geometry frame
  26. Giant TCR: Medium Large or Large?
  27. A Wider Q-Factor Possibly Beneficial?
  28. 44 Cannondale or XS 48 Focus for 5’ GF
  29. Advice Needed - I Was Told My Bike Is Too Small
  30. Not what the book says.
  31. Seat tube slightly too long--bad for knees?
  32. Reasonable cost for a proper bike fitting?
  33. Saddle height conundrum
  34. Custom build complete, fit question
  35. Knees in relation to top tube?
  36. Accomodating Seat Angle
  37. Changing stem from 90mm to 50mm>
  38. Scott addict fitting
  39. Sold a women’s bike :-/
  40. 4'11'' sizing help
  41. Between sizes?!
  42. Do I need a different bike? (C&V content)
  43. Stem Length with Nitto Noodle
  44. Argh. More saddle questions
  45. Infinity Seat
  46. Where to begin
  47. Elbows and handlebars
  48. Long carbon fork for Colnago 58
  49. Reach
  50. Colnago C50 Campagnolo Record fit options
  51. Better to err on the side of too high and too low?
  52. First long ride on new to me bike. Big issues.
  53. Saddle height versus sitbone position and saddle setback.
  54. Handlebar position causing near fall?
  55. Saddle height vs Handlebars
  56. Proper bike for a tall 9 yr old
  57. A Tall Person's Conundrum
  58. Need to make a decision
  59. Shoe fitting help?
  60. Lower back and shoulders pain with first drop bar
  61. Advice on gear malfunction after crash
  62. Position on bike; any suggestions?
  63. Question re: stem adjustment
  64. Could someone help with this?
  65. 9-20 getting bike fit . Can't wait
  66. Comparing stack/reach
  67. Dumb question I'm gonna ask anyway..
  68. Uneven left/right sitting position and rubbing
  69. Change bike size by changing parts?
  70. CAAD12 help
  71. What to change?
  72. Bike fit and Piriformis Syndrome
  73. Positioning SPD cleat on shoe
  74. Adapting fit from one bike to a different type of bike
  75. Saddle too low symptoms?
  76. Foot pain, platforms
  77. Road bike - aerobars. Individual and group riding
  78. SMP Drakon - How long to adapt? Minor discomfort.
  79. Pedal spacers to reduce toe overlap?
  80. "Noseless" seat recommendations?
  81. Fitting new bike to existing bike
  82. Fitting gravel road bike
  83. Handbars too narrow?
  84. Do you change your fit often?
  85. Good online resource I found
  86. Zero setback seatpost or smaller frame?
  87. To drop or not to drop
  88. Great Info Here!
  89. WHat the proper way to figure out what pedals are the best for helping back pains
  90. Hip angle -- can't get it right
  91. Torpado Troubles - Opinions Needed!
  92. Getting drop bar position just right
  93. Fitting record-keeping?
  94. All signs point to a 54cm frame at 6ft tall!
  95. What are the symptoms of short reach?
  96. Bike Fit NYC, Happy Freedman
  97. Large or Extra Large?
  98. Saddle bruises
  99. Does stack to reach tell the whole story for riding position?
  100. Lower back pain during first hour on road bike?