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  1. Help with Vintage Trek 720 Fit?
  2. Bikes for short unstable women?
  3. Change saddle angle?
  4. Pinkie Numbness
  5. Sirrus X 3.0 L or XL
  6. Switch from yellow Shimano cleats to blues?
  7. Right arm tricep pain
  8. Padded shorts?
  9. Surly Crosscheck Handlebar advice
  10. 20mm too narrow or 10mm too long .
  11. Elbow Issue
  12. Opinions on bike fit
  13. In need of advice on frame size!
  14. Straight seat post or shorter stem
  15. Leg Imbalance Fitting Advice
  16. FORE or AFT- which way to go?
  17. inner thigh irritated pain
  18. Stem angle/length and riding position.
  19. Tall But Short Legs
  20. Pro Bike Fit Results
  21. Biking inseam?
  22. Canyon Endurace Sizing help!
  23. Setback Different Between Bikes
  24. What size do I fit?
  25. Are there any cheap bicycle lights to recommend
  26. Litespeed vs. Lynskey bike fit question
  27. Recommendations for Perineum Numbness
  28. Bike for tall person, need advice.
  29. Which pedal system have shortest axle length (Road)
  30. Hand numbness and lower back pain
  31. What has changed in bike fitting since 2014?
  32. Does cadence influence fit process?
  33. Saddle Setback Woes
  34. On riding a bigger bike
  35. Less weight on hands with LONGER reach?
  36. Lower seat post when already min height
  37. quadriceps cramps due to the saddle too inclined?
  38. Reach too long or just a weak core?
  39. Trek 5500 US Postal 58cm - longer steerer tube?
  40. Crank length
  41. Selle SMP Plus
  42. Size15 /EU50 Wide Shoe Fit Question
  43. Trek Domane fit question
  44. Next steps
  45. New bike, hands falling asleep, riding very back of seat.
  46. What a difference 2 millimeters makes
  47. Sizing Drop vs. Flat handlebars.
  48. Bar Drop For Longer Distance Riding
  49. My proportions are off should I quit cycling before I begin or could you help me out?
  50. Smaller road bike frame.
  51. Moving around on the saddle Road bike
  52. need advice with DIY bike fit (road bike)
  53. Figuring out reach for used Bianchi Volpe
  54. Can saddle setback confirm if a frame is too small or large?
  55. -12 stem: Go one size shorter?
  56. Balance Method V Kops to set saddle fore aft?
  57. Deceptive business fit problems advice
  58. Peugeot LR01: Unsure of Correct Frame Size
  59. Hip pain
  60. Will a Shorter Stem With More Rise = Less Neck Pain
  61. I think I need an offset seatpost
  62. Shorten the crank or add shims?
  63. Adjustable fit bicycle
  64. Female Fit: Selle SMP to a Selle Anatomica?
  65. Using a 27.5er MTB carbon fork on gravel bike?
  66. SL7 sizing help
  67. clipless shimano XT/XTR road and gravel noob help
  68. Raising handlebar height safely on a Specialized Diverge
  69. Outside vs trainer and groin strain
  70. Sidewards slide on the saddle.
  71. Bike fitters in LA area?
  72. Going Down One Size
  73. Trek 730 raise handlebars
  74. Copying Fit From My Old Bike
  75. Another fit needed?
  76. BB location relative to rider position
  77. shoe sizes for toe clip sizes
  78. Handlebar backsweep effect on reach?
  79. Firm saddle w/ compliant post type comfort
  80. Aeolus Elite Saddle Placement
  81. Hi what is the name of this tourney derailleur?
  82. Gates carbondrive Di2 problems
  83. I bought a large bike, is that ok?
  84. Thoughts on belt-drive and/or IGH?
  85. New Bike: Shoulder, Elbow and Lower back sore - advice please?
  86. Best Overweight Commuter Bike?
  87. Knee discomfort?
  88. Getting comfortable on Selle Anotomica x2?
  89. Hand/wrist numbness related to size fit?
  90. A "Moist" Outlook on Frame-Fit
  91. Thinking about fit during the pandemic
  92. Moistures not so Unique Frame-Fit?
  93. Slight One-sided Discomfort in the Saddle
  94. Saddle fit for a woman; problems with numbness
  95. New bike, foot pain, flat pedals
  96. Curved saddle - which part to level?
  97. shorter crank AND gear down?
  98. Arm pain with bike on trainer, but not off?
  99. Is medium frame Hybrid ok for someone 6ft tall?
  100. MTB rider - Perineal pain