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  1. Mini veló with racing frame size 20"?
  2. Bikefit with Wrench Science bike fit
  3. General Saddle Advice?
  4. Excess Pressure on Wrist Fix?
  5. Excess Pressure on Wrist Fix?
  6. Bike Size vs Fit Measurements
  7. Wrench Science fit calculator - is my bike too big?
  8. Shorter crank arms, saddle height and set-back?
  9. What can cause Peroneal Tendonitis of the ankle?
  10. Zero offset seatpost?
  11. Which Dimension Do I Need?
  12. Between the sizes - road bike
  13. Saddle adjust question?
  14. Impact of 18mm?
  15. Thoughts on saddle set back
  16. Is this a bike fit issue?
  17. How to achieve a toes-out stance
  18. Saddle height's effect on reach . . .
  19. Wheelbase length for 6' rider?
  20. Experience with extra-long crank arms?
  21. Short Reach Handlebars
  22. Anyone using Myvelofit app?
  23. Size up for C-spine issues?
  24. Fit adjustment to relieve calf soreness?
  25. Stem size and angles as it relates to mustache bars vs road drop bars
  26. saddle height - cleat shims or lower?
  27. Looking for fit critiques.
  28. Using a Wahoo Kickr bike as a fitting bike?
  29. So looking for a new bike
  30. What portion of the saddle determines height?
  31. Reversal:Putting older 10-speed Campy Chorus cassette on new 12-speed CRecord freehub
  32. Quadriceps and size of the frame
  33. Old school check your reach method
  34. Seatpost for SMP Saddle
  35. How to do Fit & set-up for someone else
  36. The long and the short about stem lengths
  37. Back Health - Types of Bikes, Positions
  38. Bike Fit Angles on Photo
  39. Geometry/Handling: 54 vs 56 Roubaix?
  40. Bike Seat Guru really good service.
  41. Looking at new frame and Fit
  42. Putting leg down at light
  43. Does size matter
  44. Saddle Raise/Lower Versus Saddle Fore/Aft
  45. Brooks saddle messed me up
  46. Found Felt Broam very comfortable - looking for bikes with a similar fit
  47. Pelvic Tilt and Saddle Tilt (I think I nailed it)
  48. Extreme pain - inner thigh below groin
  49. Long legs/short torso bike fitting problems
  50. Anyone try Reformsaddle
  51. Heel method - numb feet and hands when going further
  52. Leg Length and Left/Right Unequal Power Meter Balance
  53. Custom bike, can't find a good position.
  54. How do you tune your saddle?
  55. Bike fit hurting front of knees of 27 year old male
  56. Foot pain
  57. Question about new saddle
  58. bike seat
  59. Moved saddle forward and up, lost power. Dang.
  60. Which road bike when you got bad posture/being inflexible
  61. Reach and Type of Riding
  62. Who wants to critique my bike fit?
  63. Difficulty in choosing stem length!
  64. Bike Fit for mtbvfr
  65. Any hope for a more comfortable saddle?
  66. Are you riding for recreational riding or competition riding?
  67. Crank-arm length and gearing
  68. How can stack and BB be the same, but head tube length different?
  69. Bike frame size and saddle width
  70. Cervical Spine / Ligament Issue
  71. TCR Advanced Disc 2 PC medium too big for 5.9.5"?
  72. Is my bike too small for me ?
  73. Numbness and the search for a saddle
  74. Online trek calculator says I am 56cm, but the 52 in store fit perfectly?
  75. Discussion RE. Drop Bars - Flare, Width, Drop/Reach
  76. Best set up for back injury
  77. Let me get this straight: <52cm frame + 700C wheels = problems?
  78. Has anyone compared their fit numbers for a road and hybrid bike?
  79. Hand Fatigue
  80. advertised as a 58cm, but measures 56cm...what next?
  81. Effect of dropping BB with smaller wheel tire combo?
  82. Are there any pedals that sit low (below their axle)
  83. Make the bike that doesn't exist with simple means?
  84. Bike Seat for my Wife’s Bum?
  85. Twisted pelvic
  86. Measuring a selle smp saddle to bar drop
  87. onflicting measurements for frame size
  88. Smaller frame size or adapt with shorter stem/handlebars?
  89. Advice on stem length experiments
  90. looking for a seat
  91. Cleat too Narrow in Road Shoe?
  92. Comparison of 2 geometries, possible purchase
  93. How often do you make changes to your fit?
  94. Using a bike whose frame is too small
  95. Big difference in crank length between trainer and real bike
  96. Numb hands - a few ideas I want input on
  97. Two Questions in one. changing stem -10mm and down sizing
  98. Semi-Compact Frame Question
  99. Specialized Power saddle digs into upper thigh
  100. Any reason not to downsize?