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  1. Pancreatitis -- Ugh
  2. NR (also called Niagen)
  3. Friday I had to go to the hospital.
  4. Fix neck/shoulder nerve pain on short/hard training ride?
  5. BP meds after ACE and Calcium Channel blockers
  6. Blood Pressure Fluxuations
  7. Experience with medial meniscus injuries?
  8. East Coast air quality impacted by western U.S. wildfires
  9. Rotator cuff injury
  10. Rotator cuff injury
  11. Numb feet while riding
  12. Has anyone here had TKR (total knee replacement)?
  13. Wow, I need heart surgery, wasn't expecting that!
  14. Tired neck muscles
  15. Knee Replacement/Return to Riding
  16. How long before riding after triple hernia surgery?
  17. Experience with pudendall nerve damage? consequences, results, riding outcome?
  18. Johns Hopkins MoTrPAC research study - anyone participating?
  19. Cervical stenosis; need to change bike fit
  20. Anybody with advanced PCa have advice after an Orchiectomy?
  21. Cycling after hip replacement
  22. Frequent urinating at night - waking up frequently
  23. New to biking with scoliosis
  24. Stress test on cycle erg? Where?
  25. Feet swell when temp is over 70*
  26. any post prostate surgery riders
  27. Compression fractured vertebrae
  28. Stenosis
  29. Sciatica?
  30. Knee Pain! Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  31. Any ideas on helping deal with deep bruise pain?
  32. Biking for Hip Pain (that is probably a back problem)
  33. Beta blocker recommendations
  34. Any professional mental health experts on this Forum
  35. Bibs need a Pee flap they could hurt you and they did.
  36. Recent Scare
  37. Cycling with a high coronary calcium score
  38. When To Get Back on Bike after Prostate Biopsy
  39. Baker's cyst/knee pain?
  40. Covid survivor
  41. Ankle Stress fractures from cycling??? Anyone?
  42. Bad knees.
  43. Have Betablockers made a difference in your riding?
  44. Scapulothoracic Bursitis - Popping Scapula
  45. Riding with Parkinson's Disease
  46. FAI and hip replacement recovery advice sought
  47. High Blood Pressure meds and Bike Riding
  48. Hurts to sit: New biker suffering all major buttocks muscle spasms & nerve pain
  49. Hip Soreness
  50. Lost a Good Cycling Friend Today
  51. Folate deficiency and anemia
  52. Arthroscopic knee surgery
  53. Anyone Tested Positive for COVID19?
  54. Wife's gone to visit Dad, Home Alone
  55. Blood-pressure medication: effects on heart rate?
  56. Fluctuating psa numbers
  57. Any stage 4 CKD people here? (or post transplant)
  58. Prostatectomy
  59. Just had shoulder surgery. How long did your recovery take?
  60. Proximal hamstring pain?
  61. Riding while on ADT
  62. Best anti-friction creams for synthetic chamois?
  63. Perineal Nodular Induration - pinches that are not exactly saddle sores
  64. PSA test, cycling.
  65. Anyone here ever had a Frozen Shoulder?
  66. Blood Pressure Meds & Heat Tolerance?
  67. Recovering from pacemaker insertion?
  68. too old for ACL reconstruction ?
  69. Living with A-Fib
  70. Losartan and Riding
  71. Question about A-Fib and HR monitors -
  72. Hip Osteoarthritis -- How are you changing your fit?
  73. Riding with COPD
  74. Downside to physical Healthy Aging
  75. Knee replacement
  76. Mileage
  77. Hit a Tree...Tree Wins
  78. Inguinal hernia truss
  79. Cervical Fusion
  80. Angina symptoms or something else?
  81. Saddle Sore Doctor
  82. February has been a bad month for Blazingpedals...
  83. Got a small problem 'down there'...
  84. Baby aspirin?
  85. 52 and getting sick regularly
  86. Mitral Valve, Tricuspid Valve, possible MAZE & left Atrial Appendage Exclusion
  87. 48 hr headaches
  88. Plavix and Statin Drugs?
  89. Patellar Pain: Help
  90. wacky heath issues that a e bike helped a bit.
  91. Nasal Congestion . . . .
  92. One more stent added to my collection
  93. Dupuytrens and Keto Diet
  94. Humorous 'Old Knees' Observation
  95. Knee replacement
  96. IT Band Syndrome!
  97. Lumbar discectomy recovery
  98. Forgetfulness?
  99. fluid on knee
  100. Dystonia of any type