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  1. Any diabetics here? My dad stopped insulin shots 2 days ago, doing great!
  2. How is your blood pressure? Mine is... picture.
  3. Long Head Bicep Tendon Release
  4. recovery from femoral artery stents -(this week) any other cyclists experience
  5. Pudendal neuralgia?
  6. Recovery again
  7. Pleased w/Lab Results
  8. Light effects while riding - winter low sun
  9. Guyon's Canal Release Surgery Recovery
  10. FTP is stuck for over 1yr ???
  11. Depression
  12. COVID, take 2
  13. How long after bilateral inguinal hernia repair?
  14. Short of breath
  15. Glaucoma anyone?
  16. Cataract surgery
  17. Torn rotator cuff repair surgery
  18. Good bye, bikes??
  19. Epley Maneuver for Vertigo
  20. Incredible Dizziness Episode
  21. How is your blood pressure?
  22. Looking forward to my stress test
  23. that will buff out, right?
  24. Joined the cataract club!
  25. RSV heads-up
  26. Cancer & chemo, rehab
  27. technu rash relief spray tecnu spray changed ingredients from grindelia robusta plant
  28. Upcoming cervical spine surgery
  29. Sleep
  30. I've seen prostate relief seats advertised
  31. Hearing aids
  32. Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day.
  33. Cardiac Arrhythmia
  34. Flu shot
  35. Medicare Advantage - Dental & Vision Plans
  36. Knee Trouble.
  37. Omicron Has Found Our House
  38. Noseless Saddle Recommendations?
  39. This is getting old
  40. Road cycling and aci reflux
  41. Elbow (Olecranon) Bursitis
  42. Twisted on the saddle
  43. Going out for a ride before colonoscopy prep
  44. Riding after angioplasty / stenting procedure
  45. OT: Cataract Lens
  46. Any tips for broken wrist recupe?
  47. PAINFUL upper leg cramp!.....
  48. An Aspirin a Day (Acetylsalicylic Acid)?
  49. What's the best nose hair trimmer?
  50. Pills and Ills Hospital Humor
  51. Global Transient Amnesia after morning bike ride
  52. Gout
  53. Saddle choices for those 50+ w/prostate issues
  54. BPH laser procedure
  55. "Tennis" elbow?
  56. Second booster now available for 50+
  57. Prostatitis, OMG!
  58. Exercise-induced Pulmonary Edema
  59. Anyone ever had a pilonidal cyst?
  60. Experiences with Afib?
  61. Clavicle Surgery Question
  62. Sciatica pain
  63. Retirement and mental health
  64. Anyone Have Foot Neuroma Surgery?
  65. MCL treatment.
  66. AC Joint Sprain
  67. Neck pain while descending, handlebar solution?
  68. sebaceous cysts in perineum at base of scrotum
  69. Calluses on the buttocks
  70. Anyone Coming Back from Covid Pneumonia
  71. Stopped Statin - feel ten years younger.
  72. Summary at 82yo
  73. Tough year starting to get me down
  74. enlarged prostate
  75. Pancreatitis -- Ugh
  76. NR (also called Niagen)
  77. Friday I had to go to the hospital.
  78. Fix neck/shoulder nerve pain on short/hard training ride?
  79. BP meds after ACE and Calcium Channel blockers
  80. Blood Pressure Fluxuations
  81. Experience with medial meniscus injuries?
  82. East Coast air quality impacted by western U.S. wildfires
  83. Rotator cuff injury
  84. Rotator cuff injury
  85. Numb feet while riding
  86. Has anyone here had TKR (total knee replacement)?
  87. Wow, I need heart surgery, wasn't expecting that!
  88. Tired neck muscles
  89. Knee Replacement/Return to Riding
  90. How long before riding after triple hernia surgery?
  91. Experience with pudendall nerve damage? consequences, results, riding outcome?
  92. Johns Hopkins MoTrPAC research study - anyone participating?
  93. Cervical stenosis; need to change bike fit
  94. Anybody with advanced PCa have advice after an Orchiectomy?
  95. Cycling after hip replacement
  96. Frequent urinating at night - waking up frequently
  97. New to biking with scoliosis
  98. Stress test on cycle erg? Where?
  99. Feet swell when temp is over 70*
  100. any post prostate surgery riders