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lakay 09-16-07 08:00 PM

Kumusta na kabayan
Kumusta na kayong lahat. As you can see with my name, pinoy na pinoy (actually GI na GI). Use to ride a lot when I was young (and foolish) in our little province of Zambales, now starting to get back into riding again in Pacific Northwest. Currently, riding an old Specialized Allez 24 (yard sale special), but saving some money to get to something like TRANSITION or Allez Elite Compact.

JesusGarcia 09-18-07 02:18 PM

Hello.... lakay, are you Ilocano by chance? What do you think of my jersey? I have and extra one for sale. $20.00 including shipping. pm me if interested.

headlessspider 09-18-07 05:30 PM

hey lakay! good you're riding again. back here it keeps on raining so not much riding going on. ugh.

lakay 09-18-07 09:29 PM

Nice jersey, but I'm not into that yet. For now, long sleeve shirt with baggy shorts will do. Its good to be back riding again. My 11 year old daughter got me started and we found out that their is a 16 miles of blacktop trail not far from my residence.

PrimoTerran 09-21-07 12:16 AM

Hi there everyone! I'd like to know if there's anyone into mountain biking here? I'm kinda new so I sure would appreciate some help in setting up my first mountain bike. I used to ride a BMX but now I've grew an appreciation for mountain biking. I'm from Iloilo and the terrain around Western Visayas are very competitive. Thanks!

ChromeSE5 10-05-07 02:53 PM

I might be going to the PI in May (Lucban) and was wondering what the prices of jerseys are compared to the States. A decent jersey here is about $50 US.

lakay 10-05-07 10:09 PM

I was going to ask our local pinoy rider in the Phil about that one but Chrome got ahead of me. My niece is going home this christmas, it would be cool to have one of those with philippine flag on the left sleeve.

zen_ride 10-17-07 12:19 PM

Hello Lakay! Where in the pacific northwest are you? Am in South King County, WA. Just recently took up cycling, and am superambitioning the STP one day ride. Any idea of others who are also interested? If so forming a paceline group for the event would be super...a pinoy group no less!

zen_ride 10-17-07 07:10 PM

Hello headlessspider...have any idea how much a sram force entire groupset would cost over in the cartimar or even quiapo stores?

lakay 10-18-07 10:23 PM

Kumusta Zen, I reside in Marysville area and ride in Centennial Trail or Highway 9 when weather permits. That is also my long range plan to ride STP and maybe MS Whatcom/Skagit.

zen_ride 10-19-07 02:14 PM

Mabit naman Lakay....I live in the Kent area....a short ride away from Soos Creek Trail (a mere 6 mile stretch compared to your Centennial). Am building up a contingent and logistics support for the STP one day ride in 2008. Interested in joining?

lakay 10-21-07 10:31 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Ito nga pala ang aking biseklita. Nakuha noong nakaraang linggo.

zen_ride 10-22-07 08:16 AM

Nice looking bike Lakay...saan napunta ang aero bars?

otep12 10-22-07 08:22 PM

Kumusta mga Pinoy!!! We have a whole bunch of Pinoy riders here in NY/NJ. We have a weekend ride around 50-60 miles lahat Pinoy mga 7-8 guys

Lakay, nice ride!

lakay 10-22-07 10:36 PM

Thanks, tinangal ko yung aero bars. Nakatago for the mean time, I probably put it back this spring and try it. The weather has been really sh*tty here in the PacNorWest, so mileage doesn't add up that much.

Ishanshade 10-24-07 07:18 PM

Anyone here running the MC Arthur Highway area passing Bulacan to Pampanga?

zen_ride 10-24-07 11:04 PM

Wow you do that route on a bike? Kumusta naman ang daan?

Ishanshade 10-25-07 07:49 PM

A bit bumpy due to a lot of potholes. I pass by Polo near Obando then enter Mcarthur Highway. Highway is Ok but a lot of jeeps and trucks. I still havent reached Pampanga but Im exploring the trails as well. Lots of resorts and you will need mudguards a lot of wet roads. But this route is mostly roads but will check some trails. I saw one forum that had pictures of their bulacan ride Im trying to find that place where there are streams and countryside feel.

lakay 10-27-07 09:46 AM

ishanshade, magkano ang mga riding jersey ngayon diyan sa atin.

Jaythemessenger 11-11-07 12:58 PM

any pinoy bikers
Opo, pinoy ako, pero dito ako sa Germany. Kasama ako sa Squadra Messageri FFM local cycling-club.
I'd like to do some cycling in the Philippines on my next vacation. I have family in Pangasinan near Urdaneta.

FOLDBIKE 11-27-07 01:19 AM

headless spider, help
naghahanap kc ako ng fordable na bike around metro manila or dito sa south area- alabng, cavite, laguna,
bgo lang ako sa gnito. kelangan ko kc sa work. cant afford ako sa scooter. at kung, too big, kc magcocomute din ako. kelangan ko un pagmalapit na dun sa subd na pinupuntahan ko sa paranaque.
may mga mura at matitibay at medyo okay na folding bike kabang alam na binebenta sa shop? sang shop?
text mko 09063610334. globe yan if in case may nalaman ka.

eto ym ko [email protected]. pede mko imessage. serious buyer naman ako/ thanks

headlessspider 11-28-07 03:49 AM

sorry guys for not answering sooner. been busy. active on another cycling forum as well.


foldbike: you're best bet would probably be christy's bike shop. that's where i saw the 15k folding bike. the cheaper ones are also available -- that's around 5 - 7k.

zen_ride: i'm not really sure since its new and i'm a shimano-leaning-towards-campy kind of guy. but i can ask around if you want.

jaythemessenger: pre, try and visit a lot of us are there. what kind of bike are you riding? i'm a lurker of the singlespeed/fixed gear thread here...

otep12 12-11-07 06:01 PM

Uy thanks for the link sa Pinoy roadies. I just registered. Just lurking right now. Maybe post later on. Cheers!

headlessspider 12-12-07 07:55 AM

hello otep! great! glad to have you there. read up and there are lots of pips based in the us also. and don't forget to post your ride! 8D

headlessspider 12-15-07 03:29 AM

to the one asking about local jerseys, the good ones go from 950 to 1.2k in philippine pesos. so roughly around us$ 21 to us$30.

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