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JonnyHK 09-01-11 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Amuro Lee (Post 13155494)
08-29-2011 - A Biker's Burden, Pearl Report, TVB

Very cool report (and I got to play 'spot the rider' for guys I know!).

Amuro Lee 09-07-11 05:05 PM

For those who cannot watch the video via the above link in their area, someone has uploaded the programme on Youtube. ;)

Amuro Lee 10-03-11 04:08 PM

The Hong Kong Island East Harbourfront Study, commissioned by the Planning Department, currently proposes a pedestrian boardwalk under the Island Eastern Corridor (IEC). This offers the exciting opportunity to incorporate a cycleway alongside.

Produced by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, 2011

JonnyHK 10-11-11 07:22 PM

^ that is brilliant.

I'd ride on it. The alternative (east on Electric Rd and Java Rd, west on King's Rd) is pretty dangerous. I'd probably add a bit more of a divider between the pedestrian area and the bike lanes (those collapsible plastic bollards?) because the average HK pedestrian is bound to wander across and get smacked by a bike.

Now all we have to do is convince the clowns in the government to build it (instead of some big silly bridge to Zhuhai).

Amuro Lee 03-02-12 02:03 PM

Hong Kong, and itís 1940′s attitude to cyclists

This is a true bicycle safety manual from 1940, which is interesting in itself, but whatís even more amazing is that the attitude of the Hong Kong Government to cyclists is exactly as described in this out-of-date booklet.

Why do they think that it is OK to always blame the cyclist for the collision, and to just accept that any injuries were their faultÖ?

ďA Ride of DeathĒ, 1940s Retronaut

SurlyLaika 03-08-12 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by JonnyHK (Post 7500201)
I know a couple of people who cycle to work, but it is very rare. The people I know are crazy gweilos from Europe who are used to it.

My cycling in HK is weekend morning training sessions on the roads on the southside of HK Island. Traffic is bad, but not by HK standards. Biggest problem is narrow roads and big buses.

I'm new in Korea and that seems to be problem here, too...narrow roads big buses everywhere and they stop all the time. I get sandwiched between em, riding behind one sucking in their exhaust with another bus behind me. =/
I think I can get used to it and it helps to think I'm as fast as they are with all the traffic congestion. I just have to improve my handling skills.

Amuro Lee 03-29-12 03:25 PM

Here is an e-mail from Martin Turner, a cycle activist in Hong Kong.:(


Originally Posted by Martin Turner
The final report of the HK Island East Harbourfront Study is released.

Although our efforts to date are acknowledged, the proposals are unsurprisingly exactly the same as have been pushed all along, for the same tired old reasons (unspecified 'safety', misconceived notions that a cycleway way is merely a 'facility' like a skatepark).

It suggests that "cycling activities should be restricted", as if cyclists can be magicked away. (It also wants to restrict and manage fishing, instead of commonsensically just letting people get on with it.

The damage is on p46:

So, needless to say, the fight goes on.


Amuro Lee 03-29-12 03:32 PM

Fwd: Govít seize and destroy bikes on Lamma
Here is a Media Realease from Living Lamma.


Originally Posted by Living Lamma
28 March 2012

Gov’t seize and destroy bikes on Lamma

Today, FEHD officers presided over the wilful destruction of private property and had it dumped into a trash compactor at Yung Shue Wan's Waste Transfer Station, while an EPD officer, supposedly in charge, looked on helplessly.

Earlier today, 28 March, members of various government departments – the police, Lands Dept, and FEHD, together confiscated bicycles that had been left on the ferry pier (the usually place to park bikes) and immediately took them to the nearby waste transfer station where they were thrown into the trash compactor and sent to landfill. Members of the public were given just two days’ warning and though some tried to intervene to save the bikes, they were threatened with prosecution for “interfering with government officers”.

The unusual action of destroying the bikes, rather than sending them for bulk auction, was a specific instruction for this raid, said the lead FEHD officer, who identified herself as ‘Madame Chui’.

Jo Wilson, Chairperson of Living Lamma, said, “this is symptomatic of the wider problem of unthinking bureaucracy and a lack of education on waste issues, which is leading Hong Kong down a very unsustainable path. It is also particularly frustrating that government can act so quickly and efficiently on this, but not to requests to enforce the law on the illegal dumping of waste on agricultural land and a whole slew of suggestions that Lamma residents (and those elsewhere) have put forward for environmental improvement over the last 20 years.”

Martin Turner, chair of Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, notes the popularity of cycling and the value it brings to the community on Lamma and calls for policies that support and further integrate cycling, including respect for property and appropriately located parking. In this, he urges that local residents’ views be sought and respected.

Most of the bikes confiscated and destroyed were in rideable condition and some were expensive models, says local resident Alan Sargent. “Neglected bikes on the pier age quickly in the heat and salt air, so it's quite apparent when one isn't being maintained.”

An issue that may be related is the planned cycle parking area near Yung Shue Wan pier, seen as an irrelevant boondoggle by many local residents, who are asking for improved parking along the pier itself. This would be cheaper and more practical as it is closer to the ferry, offers easier access, and would not destroy the coastline or impose tens of millions of dollars’ worth of concrete on to this gentle location.

Jo Wilson added, “This reprehensible action is directly relevant to the debate on the incinerator as it highlights the failure by government to alter attitudes towards waste, even within its own departments.”

Living Lamma has written to the Environment Bureau, seeking an investigation into today's action.

Photos of the bikes at the waste transfer station, by Jo Wilson. Please credit.
(all photos date 28th March)

See also the current Lamma Forum thread on this issue:

Further information available from:

Martin Turner, chairman, Hong Kong Cycling Alliance
9203 1505, <[email protected]>

Jo Wilson, Chairperson, Living Lamma.
2982 0920 / 9042 3241 <[email protected]>

Alan Sargent, Lamma resident, 2982 4804, <[email protected]>

Chinese language
Damon Wong,, Living Lamma. 6181 3139 <[email protected]>

Issued by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, with the support of Living Lamma

About the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance
The Hong Kong Cycling Alliance works to encourage cycling and to improve cycling conditions in Hong Kong by lobbying authorities, offering practical support to planners, and coordinating the action of Hong Kong’s many cycling clubs and groups.

email: [email protected]

About Living Lamma
Living Lamma seeks to ensure that human impact on the Lamma environment does not destroy the characteristics which make it so attractive. In a two pronged approach, it responds to Government proposals and planning notices to lobby for careful development that will enhance the natural beauty of the island and make it a more pleasant place to live in and visit. Secondly it campaigns against actions that destroy natural habitat or create eyesores.

email: [email protected]

Amuro Lee 09-23-12 03:46 PM

An article describes Hong Kong's cycling challenge and opportunity. It is syndicated so is being seen on dozens if not hundreds of print and online channels. Hello HK Government, are you listening?

Rocketrobo 03-21-13 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Amuro Lee (Post 14765825)
An article describes Hong Kong's cycling challenge and opportunity. It is syndicated so is being seen on dozens if not hundreds of print and online channels. Hello HK Government, are you listening?

Oh, can't open it

Amuro Lee 03-25-13 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Rocketrobo (Post 15413302)
Oh, can't open it

You can read the same article here...

or watch the video version here.

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