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westlafadeaway 05-20-10 09:34 AM

Anyone familiar with bike rentals/tours in Bali???
Hello Asia!!!!!

My wife, who's Indonesian, found this bike tour:

Anyone know if this is good, or has any other suggestions as to spending a day biking around Bali???

ronalddinho65 10-24-10 08:45 PM

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MissBanana 04-08-11 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by westlafadeaway (Post 10839994)
Hello Asia!!!!!

My wife, who's Indonesian, found this bike tour:

Anyone know if this is good, or has any other suggestions as to spending a day biking around Bali???


There are lot of bicycling tours in Bali,
just look at their previous records, how many years do they have experience in organizing tour and how many times in a year, how many participants.

Or if you want to rent bike and biking around the city, there are many bicycle rentals around.

Bali has beautiful and challenging tracks, here's one of them. Bedugul Baturiti track, usually used for national downhill championship.

deputu 07-03-12 10:09 AM

there are a lot of choice. one of them is Bali Bike Adventures.
Well good luck!

Buckeye1887 03-24-13 03:12 PM

How'd the tour go, and what'd you find out? I'm looking to do a trip in Bali too, and would love to rent there if it's possible to find quality touring bikes.

westlafadeaway 03-28-13 12:12 AM

It was really cool. They drove us to the top of a decent size mountain/hill, and we just rolled/pedaled down to the base. We went through about 6 or seven villages, even encountered a small school where a teacher was training girls in their sacred dance, and tons of padi (rice) fields. My wife is indonesian so she could communicate, but the owner spoke English. At the end was the guy's house and his family prepared food and we kicked back and socialized. I had no complaints about the bikes- typical hybrids. I don't know abotu a full on road bike cross country experience. But this was laid back, and towards the end we entered the jungle and I didn't do well with the heat and the humidity.

I'll have to see if my wife remembers the name. Maybe we can find a picture with the name.

Bali's a great place. I highly recommend going there. The Hindu flavor of Bali is very remarkable- the people are so peaceful. Make sure you go and check out their sacred dance- there is a big production that was great. Remember there are two bali's - the white, tourist area, and the local places. The local places can average about 5 bucks a plate, and in the tourist areas the same food is $20. So really try and go to where you don't see the tourist and your experience will be remarkably different.

On the water there is a wonderful restaurant- you pick the food you want (shrimp, crab, various fish, etc) and they grill it on grills fueled with coconuts. I think we had a meal that would cost $300 in the US, but cost us $50 there... but they had to hide me because it would have cost $300. lol. The night before we ordered with me there and a plate of shrimp cost $70... so you really have to be careful. They think Americans are all rich.

You may want to get a driver- they are quite cheap depending on how many people you go with. Indonesians do not have insurance, so driving is at your own risk.

Feel free to hit me up for more. My wife has a friend who goes there all the time and I could probably find you a great driver who can speak english. Our's didn't.

westlafadeaway 03-28-13 12:18 AM

Someone up above posted what I encountered- I don't know if it is the same company
But the pictures of the ride was similar. Now I am remembering it all.
-you hop in a bus and they take you up a mountain side.
-we stopped at a so-called coffee plantation kind of place and they showed you how they grow coffee, and as you are walking to their camp, you see the animals that poop coffee- I'm tired so I'm spacing the name of the animals. But it's really a tourist trap.
-you stop for a good lunch buffet with a wonderful view of a massive volcano
-they drop you off and you ride as a group down a paved pretty straight street to the bottom.

Wy wife's not a cyclist, and she loved it.

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