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TheRedWolf 09-25-11 04:34 AM

Cyclists in Shanghai?
I will be starting an expat assignment in Shanghai in a few weeks, anyone there for some semi-spirited (~30kph+ if roads permit) riding? Also looking for suggestions on places to ride, if such exist in such a metropolis. I have found some reasonably low traffic roads in Pudong already, but looking for alternatives.

tonyjaja 03-21-12 03:23 AM

I am chinese, but I 'm not familiar with Shanghai

cuztm1500 04-26-12 05:34 PM

Are you still in shanghai? I didn't have a chance to ride for about a year but i just got a bike and would like to start riding again. I would be happy to start looking for places to ride with you!

AmoyNight 03-23-13 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by tonyjaja (Post 13997387)
I am chinese, but I 'm not familiar with Shanghai

Hi Tony! Nice to meet someone also living in Xiamen:roflmao2:

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