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Nikpodobrey 10-11-13 12:43 AM

Hello guys going to Pai from Chiang Mai.
Hey guys first time posting here, glad to use the forum, so my story.

going with a bicycle from chiang mai to pai, and staying in pai for maybe 5/4 days.
that ride is a test ride, because later after going to Myan mar for 2/3 weeks i start a tour 3 months around: north tailand, lao pdr and the kingdom of cambodia.

so any suggestions is welcome, talk to me people...

Nikpodobrey 10-28-13 12:15 AM

Hello in case that this forum somehow can be relevant to cycling in Asia!!!!!

My story: headed from chiang mai to mae sot through mae sariang, 460 kilometers of flat and mountain terrain (0-1200m) and done too fast, injured a knee, all the journey 3 days, through an amazing landscapes, people and weather conditions.

Have two main questions:
looking for a website with active forum for all over the world adventurers.
If there is a people that doing same stuff, glad to be contacted by.

An Israely that travels on a beaten track and really out of it, just after a 400 k around anspurna treking, going to north thailand, and to Lao p.d.r. later... in case my knee will recover.

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