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Samui Triathlon 01-21-14 10:15 PM

The best South Asia's triathlon ever
Hi everybody,
My name’s Leo and I’m new on this forum…
I registered because I would like to tell you about a triathlon that the Events Agency where I work organizes.
This triathlon is implemented since 3 years in Koh Samui (a friendly island in southern Thailand), under the name of "Samui 2014 Triathlon ITU Long Distance Series".
The race consists in run through 4km swimming, 122,65km cycling, and 30km running, in a quite exceptional environment, fluctuating between dense jungle and idyllic beaches…

Moreover, we work in cooperation with the EmbrunMan (a famous triathlon in France), which brings us some visibility, especially in Europe.
We have a website that I invite you to consult (And why not in order to register? ^^) :
And a facebook page :

It is the first time I organize this kind of event ( for my part ; as I told you before the Samui Triathlon exists since 3 years), and I wanted to know if you are used to participate to overseas races. If yes, what are the conditions for you to go there ?
I wish you a very nice day, and if you need any information about the Samui 2014 Triathlon ITU Long Distance Series, do not hesitate to contact me ! ;)

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