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Pdej4 02-10-14 10:24 AM

Singapore Route that takes in some of the sites?
Hi, this is my first post here, and it seems to be a good place!

I'm arriving into Singapore this Sunday coming, and was thinking about hiring a Road bike for the day. I've found 'The Bike Butler' who can hopefully rent a bike to me for the day for Sin$50 and deliver/collect it from my hotel for another Sin$30, which whilst not the cheapest, doesn't seem too bad to me.

I've been to Singapore 2/3 times before, and walked around some of the sites, temples shopping areas, but last summer I got into Road cycling, and this time I thought it would be cool to try to combine this with my photography whilst I was there.

I only have the Sunday free, and will have been flying overnight from the UK, arriving in Singapore at around 9am. I guess I'll get to the hotel and freshen up so should be ready to get out by 11-11:30am. I realise it's going to be getting hot by this time, but am still keen to get out in the daylight. I would be happy to ride with a club, but think I'd probably be too late (I know we meet up early here, and assume people do here too?), and also reckon I'd get dropped from what I've read about some of the club rides.

Can anyone recommend a route that would be about 30m/50Km that would take in some of the sites as well as some of the less touristy but still interesting stuff as I don't know my way around well enough (which roads to avoid etc). Even better if someone has a GPX file that might do the job for me, would they be willing to share it? In case it helps, I think I'm staying at the Park Royal Hotel on Pickering Street.

Any information/advice will be greatly appreciated, as I'd love to get out, but it is just the route that has me a little stumped at the moment!

Pdej4 02-10-14 10:25 AM

Oh yeah, I have just recently got a garmin so will have full sat nav with me too (hence the cheeky GPX file request!).

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