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phudduman 01-05-21 03:07 AM

Identifying "ye Old Creature"
New Member in New Zealand.
So l just bought 2 old RALEIGH Bikes at a clearing sale.
2 Frames & 2 X 26" Wheels [1 Front & Hub appears to be Copper - 1 Rear AW 64 - 8 - 3speed. These Rims in No way match]
1's a 60s/70s Black with White Accent SPORTS.
Other however "ye Old Creature" is a Very Worn Black with Non Standard front forks [it has a Lock Lug on it but the frame does Not] & a Non Standard TRIUMPH Crank [ has a N on the back of the Arm] drive side only & other being a RALEIGH Crank Arm with a V on the back.
The Frame Measures 21" Crank to Seat Post & seem to accept the 26" wheels ok as does the other frame.
A MAJOR TAYLOR Adjustable Racing STEM with ASHBY Light Bracket.
Drop Bars have "pop" on the Lefthand side of the bars with a Upper Case/Capital"T" directly under the "O"
No Seat, old rusty RALEIGH Front Caliper Brake & Brake Lever.
Full Brass Head Badge with Rounded [Not Square] Bottom Corners
& Font Size of THE RALEIGH & NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND are almost Identical in Front Height something that took me a long time to font a similar Match online.
Also the Chain Gaurd on "ye Old Creature" has a very faded Font & this to took me some time to even read then match.
FB Quarries over here bought a number of Response as to date from 60s, 70# to Pre WW2 & 1930s.
Frame has has pretty much No Identifying Marks as I'd do worn thgh l also don't at this stage know what, where, or what colour to look for.
"ye Old Creature" serial number atop Seat Pole 92839 AH.
And the RALEIGH SPORTS is in the same position, 57125 DV
Neither of which I have been able to identify to date.
I came to conclusion that "ye Old Creature" is a 30s due a match on a 1930s Head badge for sale on eBay. Not convinced though obviously.
The more tyme I have spent cleaning & examining "ye Old Creature" the more I have fallen in love with it & my aim moving forward is to whilst trying to indentify to Rebuild it & use it our local Victorian Fete an our Victorian Precinct & Cycle Races held each years in my Home Town of OAMARU here in the South Island of New Zealand.
I will Now try to add Pictures of said bikes.
unfortunately I cood not a pictures at this tyme.
I will attempt at a later date.
ps, any suggestions on how to Add Pics Appreciated

AnthonyG 01-09-21 07:13 AM

I believe the rule is that you need 10 posts on the whole forum before you can post pictures.

phudduman 01-09-21 02:02 PM

Well, thts Annoying as the only reason I joined is to gain others wisdom frm the big bad world of bikes out there. I Wonder if this reply counts as Post #2. Thank you for your response 🙂🙂 KndRgrdsPhileep 😎 😎

phudduman 01-09-21 02:06 PM

It dd, it dd & this makes 3 🙂🙂

gnome 01-27-21 08:14 PM

You may like to ask your question in the Classic & Vintage subforum. It is more active than this regional one and has (or at least had) some very knowledgable people on the English three speeds. In fact in there is a thread in Classic & Vintage dedicated to English Three Speed bikes

NDL 09-07-21 07:37 PM

Following as I have a similar problem

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