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scho047 09-26-06 04:44 AM

Looking for some bike buddies... :D
Hey all,

I am fairly new to the cycle scene and was wondering if there were people in similar situation as me and are looking for buddies to cycle with....
at the mo i am only cycling with a flatmate of mine and thinking it would be way better to have more
we are both just beginners...and at the present moment are doing maybe 30km rides when we go and thinking of gradually increasing that number...and planning to enter Taupo to Rotorua 100k flyer next march as our goal....
so any comments or show of interests would be appreciated....


arbscht 09-26-06 05:17 PM

I might be interested. I'm pretty new to cycling these parts too. However, at present, I only commute with the bike, not much recreational riding. Am looking to get into touring eventually, though. :)

Would I be mistaken to think "scho047" is an Auckland Uni UPI?

scho047 09-26-06 08:23 PM

oh cool... well at least we have someone showing some interest:D
and yes you are quite right about my log on being auckland uni's upi... its a unique code and hence i just use it for few things...
and i would assume you are at uni also then?

arbscht 09-26-06 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by scho047
oh cool... well at least we have someone showing some interest:D

Keep me updated by PM and I'll let you know in advance if I can make it. :)


Originally Posted by scho047
and i would assume you are at uni also then?

Yep. Physics/CS undergrad. :)

scho047 09-26-06 10:07 PM

oh nice.. well we usually go on saturdays for a longish ride.. well nothing compared to real cyclists.. only about 30 to 40km the most...well thats the longest single trip we have done... so hopefully you get an indication of what sort of ride we do... and our usual ride course at the mo is going from ponsonby to mission bay through to st heliers... and back.. hopefully you would know some more nice routes also...
and where about in the city do you ride in from?

and i did architecture and have graduated last year..while my flatmate is an engineering student... post grad... hope that dont scare ya! :P haha

Brian 10-04-06 06:40 AM

If you ride to Taupo, don't get the blueberry pancakes at that restaurant on the corner (near the big fish) that overlooks the lake - you'll be so bloated you wan't be able to ride another metre.

scho047 10-05-06 02:00 AM

thanks for that advice... will keep that in mind.. :D

Brian 10-05-06 06:43 AM

I miss that place.

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