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basscadetz 05-06-07 04:35 AM

moving to oz
yep, im moving to the central coast in about 6 weeks (from the states), and am looking for fun people to ride with. nothing fancy or racey or long distance, maybe a pub crawl with a gang of weirdos? anything like this go on there? if not, would any of you be interested in doing a monthly pub crawl in sydney or close? maybe a bbq at the end? gotta show you guys how to use charcoal the right way :).

im from new orleans, where everyone rides everywhere, cars are pointless, and we do all kinds of bike related stuff. and well, beer is plentiful as well.

also: i build a lot of alt bikes, tallbikes, etc, and if any of you guys have anything laying around you dont want, anything at all, rusted dirty bent junk doesnt matter, let me know and i can arrange to have it picked up!

thanks, and CRIKEY. (thanks odin)

Odin 05-06-07 04:44 AM


Originally Posted by basscadetz
central coast... gang of weirdos?

Too easy!!

Originally Posted by basscadetz
thanks, and crickey.

It's crikey! :)

531Aussie 05-07-07 11:27 AM

weirdo cycling beer drinkers up there?? Not a problem!! :)

DukeArcher 05-10-07 10:31 PM

Central Coast? As in Brisbane? (?)

Johnny_Monkey 05-11-07 02:03 AM


Originally Posted by DukeArcher
Central Coast? As in Brisbane? (?)

No, as in Gosford.

basscadetz 05-11-07 02:11 AM


ha ha ha

Johnny_Monkey 05-11-07 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by basscadetz

ha ha ha

Have you been to the Central Coast?

Johnny_Monkey 05-11-07 04:06 AM

Who are you talking to?

basscadetz 05-11-07 04:19 AM

no, i havent been.

Odin 05-11-07 05:18 AM

I have.

Johnny_Monkey 05-11-07 05:36 AM

Why not?

basscadetz 05-11-07 11:21 PM

because i haven't?

Brian 09-04-07 07:46 PM

Well, if you ever return to the forums, I'll point you to the NSW hangout.

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