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markhr 07-03-07 07:11 AM

Eugene McGee and Bro.s?
Whatever happened to the review and sentencing for perverting the course of justice? I tried doing an interweb search but all that comes up are last years announcements of pending reviews. Did the reviews happen and what, if any, changes were made to sentencing, DUI reporting and legal process?

Johnny_Monkey 07-03-07 07:44 AM

WTF are you talking about?

markhr 07-03-07 01:11 PM

Seems to have stalled at Oct. '06 - was there any follow up to the contempt of court/pervert course of justice charges?

Johnny - look here please

or here

garden_lark 07-09-07 03:46 AM

scot free baby.

if there are no cars around, i run red lights.

markhr 07-09-07 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by garden_lark
scot free baby.

if there are no green lights around, i stop at red lights.

Thanks for the reply - that really sucks that they got away with it.

I know they had all the reviews and the reports but was there any noticeable change in DUI accidents, arrests and convictions?

markhr 02-14-08 12:22 AM

about bloody time too :mad:

still going to be almost another year before trial though :rolleyes:,00.html

McGee brothers should stand, court rules
February 14, 2008 11:30am

HIT-RUN lawyer Eugene McGee and his brother have lost a bid to have conspiracy charges against them permanently stayed.
District Court Judge Malcolm Robertson today ruled the McGee brothers should stand trial for attempting to pervert the course of justice.
It is alleged the brothers conspired to keep Eugene McGee away from police in the hours after he hit and killed cyclist Ian Humphrey in November 2003.
But the trial could still be some way off yet – with the McGees' lawyers considering a Full Court appeal against Judge Robertson's decision.
The ruling was bitter-sweet for Mr Humphrey's widow Di Gilcrist.
"I was bracing myself for the charges to be dismissed today," Ms Gilcrist said.
Eugene McGee, 53, and Craig McGee, 57, had argued they would be unable to get a fair trial because of adverse publicity following the fatal crash on the Gawler to Kapunda Rd.
McGee was acquitted of causing death by dangerous driving and the case became the subject of South Australia's only Royal Commission since 1995.
While the McGees showed little emotion as they walked from court, the strain on Ms Gilcrist was obvious.
"I have given up four years of my life so far ... I just have to continue to fight for some kind of justice," she said.
Prosecutor Kevin Taverner said he hoped the trial could go ahead before the end of the year.
"Unfortunately I have no control over listings but I expect it will get some degree of priority," Mr Taverner said.
Ms Gilcrist said even if the McGee brothers were eventually convicted, it would be a hollow victory.
"It would only be a version of justice – I think that we are so far down the track that the justice that I needed is never going to be given to me," she said.
"But this for me is probably more about changing the system ... so that possibly other people won't have to go through this."
The McGees will be back in court for a directions hearing next month.
AdelaideNow cannot pubbish comments on this story due to legal reasons.

locky63red 10-19-08 08:54 PM

What is new in south Australia. Police dont seem to care about cyclists. You report abuse and bad driving and they never seem to keen to follow up. I just finished reading about a truck driver who had his license suspension shortened for killing a cyclist.This after it being the second accident he has had driving with a dirty windscreen into the sun (I could not see her was his excuse). Small consolation to the family of the cyclist killed. It would be good if Bike SA could act a bit more in bicycle advocacy and less as a commercial tourism operation. I would have thought making cycling safer would be the peak Bicycle organisation in the states core business.

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