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BFG 07-14-07 09:27 AM

DirtJumps in WA
I love in guildford now, and i havent long been here. Does anyone know of any decent dirt jumps in the area? Or pretty much anywhere i can catch the train to, i live right near the East Guildford station. Cheers.

Johnny_Monkey 07-14-07 04:18 PM

There's probably plenty up in the hills. Isn't there a track around Mundaring weir?

HappyHumber 09-06-07 09:37 PM

Aint there a place call the Goatfarm, part of the way up Greenmount Hill, along Gt Eastern H'way?

I went there once about 6 years ago. Fortunately I got a flat on my crappy hybrid machine at the time and was able to more legitimately chicken out of some of the sharp downhills my mates were trying to get me to do. :D They wouldn't trust me on their bikes ;)

Any LBS in Perth worth it's salt should have at least one staff member who could tell you more exactly where to find the place.

DanielJW 10-18-07 08:35 AM

If you hop on that site, they have a list of tracks around perth (including that goatfarm one) and directions/maps.

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