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NikNakNoo 07-16-07 07:07 AM

1975 Cafe Racer
Hi Everyone!

I am trying to research a Harley Davidson Cafe Racer for my father. He recently inherited a purple HD Cafe Racer. He thought it was a 1975 version, but I am having a great deal of trouble confirming this. All I know is that it is purple in colour and is certainly a 70's version. We were told it is 1 of only 5 (or 6) Cafe Racer's made in its year.

I have tried to research the bike on the internet, but am not having much luck. I have discovered the HD was owned by Aermacchi during the time the bike was made. But that is all I can seem to find. If anyone could provide any info, I would really appreciate it. My father whishes to get the bike insured, so if you know its approximate value, that would also be helpful.


Tom Stormcrowe 07-16-07 08:47 AM

Niknaknoo, this is a Bicycle Forum, not a motorcycle forum. You aren't likely to get what you are looking for here. You are of course welcome to participate here as a member, but we center around human power instead of internal combustion.;)

Rev.Chuck 07-16-07 10:15 AM

I don't think Amerachi owned HD, altho HD was bought out by AMF(The Dark years) and eventually there was an employee buy out. HD did have some small bikes built for them by Amerachi in the Seventies. The only ones I have seen were two strokes. I almost bought one. HD built some big cafe bikes, most with sportster motors(XLRC?) and also a very few with the 750 V-twin motor they used for flattracking.

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