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garden_lark 07-23-07 11:16 PM

** Stolen Bike Register **
do we have an australian one?

today i found a bike in adelaide with critical mass style feral stickers.
it was on a hard rubbish pile (in a non-hard rubbish collection suburb) but i'm certain it's stolen and dumped. it's new and the tyres are not flat. lots of accessories too.

i'll have a look on craigslist, but it's not very australian. i'll also go to crit mass this friday and ask there.

anyone who might know the owner, or know where i could look for them, please drop a hint. cheers.

ps. i've thought about riding around town on it, as i'm sure i've seen it around, and someone might recognise it. would you ram and tackle a chick on a bike you knew was stolen from a friend?

Brian 09-04-07 07:43 PM

Post a photo. :D

Cyclaholic 09-16-07 11:22 PM

Nah, I wouldn't ram a chick...
(without concent ;) )

But seriously if it really is a stolen bike be carefull, the owner might find you before you had a chance to explain.

AStomper 09-17-07 12:40 AM

I guess if it was a chick I might just grab the handle bars and try to get the bike w/out touching her. I might black out from anger and lose control, never know.

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