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Hasselhof 08-08-07 03:50 AM

Brisbane to the coast
Has anyone done (or doing) the Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge before? I'm thinking of doing it in a couple of weeks but want to get an idea of the route they take. Is it all along the highway the whole way? How long does it usually take? Do many infrequent cyclists take part?

Not sure if I'll get a reply here as this whole sub-forum seems a bit dead at the moment but fingers crossed.


Chris L 08-12-07 09:37 PM

I regularly ride between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but I haven't done the organised ride yet. From my understanding, their route follows the south-east bikeway as far as Eagleby, then uses the service roads alongside the highway, which actually differs a little from the one I take. Perhaps you could ask your question on the bike-qld email list, which, I think, can be accessed at

Allister 09-02-07 06:48 PM

This might help. I did it last year, but sadly won't be able to make it this time.

It's a great day out.

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