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Aussie Digger 03-20-10 10:49 PM

Cycling around Bali (400km) - July 2010 - anyone interested???
I have a 9 day window in Jul 10 (2-11 Jul) that I do not want to waste. Am planning to ride around the island of Bali (at sea mountains). Would be keen to not go it alone...maybe small group of 2-5 riders.
Any takers???

richamilton 03-28-10 01:17 AM

Hi Ausie,
Welcoe to the forums. A cycle around Bali sounds great, if ony I didn't have so many excuses as to why i couldn't go. Still I should be happy to have a job. Have a great ride

yopo 09-21-10 01:16 PM

Hi Aussie, can you tell us how was the ride? any pictures to share?

Aussie Digger 09-30-10 06:11 AM

I ended up cycling 480 km over 7 days...the humidity was worse than i anticipated and the traffic was difficult to deal with for the first 2 days while heading west to the Port of Gilimunuk which is where the ferries arrive from Java (main port of entry to Bali by 'road'). I got 'Bali Belly' on day 4/5 which did not help. I took the coast road on the east side of the island which was the worst terrain i have encountered in all my years of cycle touring. The Balinese do not know much about surveying the path of least resistance when it comes to roads.

I slept in some dodgy hotels/guesthouses and ate some dodgy meals in dodgy eateries which all added to the whole experience.

Photos...yeah i took some and quite a bit of video footage. I produced a 20 minute video for my personal library but i aren't that clever to know how to upload photos or video on Photobucket etc.

Would i do it again....yeah probably. I am cycling from Bangkok to Phuket (1,000km) in Dec this year....2 days in BKK, 14 days on the road and 2 days in Pkt.

Buckeye1887 03-24-13 03:24 PM

Sounds like an awesome trip! How are bike rentals there? Do you need to bring your own, or are there quality touring bikes to be had?

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