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velorider562 09-20-11 10:56 PM

Velocity Aerohead Rims
I apologize if this is inappropriate for this forum, if so pleased delete. I'm located in the states and am looking to obtain a pair of Velocity Aerohead bmx rim. I'm building a set of wheels for my son's bmx race bike out of a pair of cane creek track hubs. I love tinkering and believe Cane Creek made some of the best wheel on the market. Cane Creek hubs locate the nipples at the hub so I need a pair of Velocity Aerohead rims without drillings, i.e. blanks. Velocity was the OEM supplier to Cane Creek before Cane Creek got out of the wheel business. A locale shop here contacted Velocity USA to inquire about a pair of blanks. Velocity USA said they currently didn't have any blanks in stock and it might be months before they get them from Velocity Australia. I write you hoping I could make contact with a shop in Austria that could obtain them and ship them to the states. I understand the extra burden but I have few options.

Below are the details:

Velocity Areohead
Size: 20 x 1 1/8
BSD: 451

Link to the velocity page:

If anyone is willing to help I would greatly appreciated it. I can pay by credit card over the phone or any other method you prefer.

Again sorry is this is inappropriate for this forum.


velorider562 09-21-11 12:19 AM

Talked to a shop in Melbrone who was able to inquire with velocity. Looks like Velocity doesn't have any.

velorider562 09-21-11 12:21 AM

Spoke to a shop in Melborne and it looks like Velocity doesn't have any.

Kimmo 09-04-12 12:53 AM

That's a shame. I've seen a penny-farthing rocking a pair of AeroHeads!

rifraf 04-09-13 11:59 PM

I had my Moultons wheels custom built and supplied by a firm in the states as they could create them for a better price than here in Australia. They were Sapim CX-Rays and Velocity Aeroheats in 406.
I suggest you contact in California and see if they have any in stock or are able to source any for you. I did have a contact name.... Here it is. Richard Sawiris.
Good luck!:thumb:

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