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cj_nz 07-22-12 05:06 AM

Anybody ride in Pukekohe/South Auckland
Hi there,

I used to be a member quite some time ago, but been off the bike for so long that I can't even remember my username!!

I'm trying to get fit again, and train for lake taupo at the end of the year. Does anyone ride near Pukekohe or around South Auckland? I work shift work, so I'm available a mix of weekends and weekdays. Currently can't ride very far at all, but working on it!

bigfred 07-25-12 03:55 AM

There's the Groupetto bunch that ride out of papakura.

cj_nz 07-30-12 08:23 PM

I know about the bunch rides around here, but that only works when I have those days off, also I'm not quite fit enough for them yet!! I'm just after someone who can ride with me on my weekdays mainly.

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