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shpkiwi 05-09-13 12:29 AM

Your Bike a Retro? If so Why Not Get On It?
This is the fourth year of the Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge with more riders participating throughout NSW and the other states.
The Event is a ride of up to 100 kilometres starting and finishing at the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores.
The challenge is very popular with events for the rider that likes a challenge plus the scenic views and relaxed environment.
The 2013 Challenge, being held on the 4th August, has different categories to enter suiting all cyclists.

Eight Levels of Entry:

1 100 km solo cyclists male.

2 100 km solo cyclists female.

3 100 km team event, (unisex), with 2, 3 or 4 cyclists all cycling the 100km.

4 100 km relay event, (groups of 2 or 3). Each cyclist completes approximately one third of the course.

5 100 km Tandem and Recumbent Bikes, (unisex).

6 60 km solo cyclists male. *

7 60 km solo cyclists female. *

8 Family Ride

In each of the Female and Male 60 km categories of ride in the 2013 NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge there will be the opportunity for special prizes for those who ride a retro bike.

Our definition of a retro bike is "one with a steel frame and downtube shifters". If that's what you have why not ride it in this year's Challenge?

Riders from all levels, from a fun ride to the serious rider who wants to be competitive.

Really well organised great event with extremely cheerful helpful people.

Sensational picturesque scenery and the challenge of the undulating hills.

Friendly relaxed sensational atmosphere equivalent of the City to Surf.

There is less than 88 days before the next Challenge and the Early Bird discount is still available if you enter now.
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