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ckuralt 01-07-14 04:22 PM

Jamis Coda Sport in NZ
Anybody have any suggestions on where to find a Jamis Coda Sport in New Zealand (or how to get one there without spending $$$$ for shipping).

sk0tt 01-08-14 08:09 PM

Have you tried the Adventure Brands site?
I can't sent a Coda listed on the site, but one of the dealers may have one or be able to get one in.

Bicycle Addict 06-23-14 06:05 AM

Hey guys Paul here, Adventure Brands have stopped bringing them in, I have tried to source for customers to no avail. A 2009 just went on TM for $140, they come up from time to time, keep in mind with the Coda you will struggle for decent tyre clearance in the rear chain stays on anything wider than 700 x 32c, with a safe amount of clearance. They take Brian Phillips fenders(same mould as planet bikes ones but with out all the extra bits, good value for money) 700 x 45 well too. Nice for the winters rain.
You should be able to source the Masi CX for 2013? A pretty nice bike for the $$$'s
Good luck on the search man, keep us posted.

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