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Aushiker 03-21-14 01:29 AM

Bike penalty a clanger: mayor

Quoted under section 41 of the Copyright Act 1968, Fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review.


[i]Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt fears overzealous policing may be discouraging people from riding bikes. Dr Pettitt's comments come after an environmental scientist was fined $50 for not having a bell on his bike while riding down a Fremantle street on Friday night.

Source: The West.

The Western Australian Police response (Facebook).

My experiences with the Western Australian police in Fremantle around the time of their last blitz on cyclists in the area.

And now Tydeman Road, North Fremantle is being an issue again .... I guess a bell will come to the rescue.


Aushiker 03-22-14 06:55 AM

I have had a little fun with the Western Australian Police tonight. It was pointed out to me that the photo used by the Western Australia Police in their Facebook post telling cyclists off is of four WA Police officers riding bikes two abreast on a shared use path. Well someone forgot to tell the WA Police that riding two abreast on shared path is an offence in Western Australia (unless actually passing another cyclist).

Regulation 130 of the WA Road Traffic Code applies. Now I am sure the WA Police will or can argue they where "passing" however it on the face of it, is not a good look. One would hope that they take appropriate care getting a positive correct message out by using photos showing their Officers obeying the law in a manner which cannot be questioned.

Also it seems that now Fremantle Police will be giving out lights and bells (supplied by the City of Fremantle) to cyclists caught without same. This will be along with a warning instead of a fine.


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