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mikeschn 01-03-21 04:30 PM

Vintage Typhoon to BMXish Typhoon?
So I picked up an old Typhoon, red, similar to what I had growing up. I wasn't really happy with how bad the frame looked, so I sent it off to have it powder coated.

When I took everything apart for the powder coater, I realized how bad many of the parts were... Been shopping on ebay and amazon for days now! This is going to be one expensive old bike, and I am not even doing a true restoration. What has happened with prices of vintage Schwinn parts? Gasp!

I'll get some photos when the frame comes back, approx 3 weeks... As I mentioned, I am not doing a restore. So the frame will be powdercoated in dark candy apple red. The components that are available seem to be from the BMX world. And the wheels... what a disaster. The previous owner used either brillo pads or steel wool or sandpaper to get the dirt off the rims. Sure, the rims are clean and shiny, but they are all scratched up. I have not figured out how to handle that. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


kingjason 01-04-21 03:34 AM

I almost, and I mean almost, bought a Merlin Newsboy wanting something cool, fast and light. Then I went the other route of thinking about building something like this with modern components. Ended up with a Van Dessel WTF with Jones bars after months of turmoil. I will be interested to see what direction you go with this. I dig it though.

surveyor6 01-12-21 10:09 PM

That Typhoon will make a great BMX, Klunker or Ratrod

2old 01-13-21 10:53 AM

Looks like steel rims; pretty sure they can be dipped, blasted and rechromed. Probably expensive.

mikeschn 01-13-21 04:06 PM

Thinking about matte black powder coating...


Velo Mule 01-17-21 10:34 PM

For a restoration, you could clean and then paint the original Schwinn rims. Older Typhoons rims were painted white with black pinstripes. If it were mine, I'd get aluminum 559 etrto rims. Old school looking bmx would be anodized in a color, however, that can be hard to find and it could be pricy when you find it. I would then go with silver. I think that would look best with candy red anyway. Then you would have a great variety of tires to choose and light weight wheels.

I would keep the coaster brake and keep it simple when building new wheels. You go with an aluminum hub(s) and a freewheel. Then you will have to source a BMX brake. If you keep your forged fork you may not be able to put a brake on the front. If you can find a tubular fork, it is a good upgrade. Get a BMX stem and Cruiser handlebars.

I like the one piece crank. A nice upgrade is to get the steel spider so that you can change front chainrings easily. It looks BMX too.

Decades ago, I built a Schwinn Heavy Duti with a King Sting fork. I kept the Bendix coaster brake and built it with red anodized aluminum wheels, a red anodized chainring, a red anodized Schwinn rack and a BMX stem. The bike was painted black. So, it has the old Schwinn cantilever frame to BMX cruiser look that I think you are after for you build. I still have the bike. Some day I have to take it out and get pictures and ride it around.

mikeschn 01-18-21 02:54 AM

Hey Velo,

Pictures would be wonderful!


Velo Mule 02-01-21 02:09 PM

I know mikeschn . It is buried in the back of the garage and I took the B72 seat off of it for another project. But I do have to get you pictures.

dirtman 02-01-21 04:15 PM

Those rims are in good shape compared to most I find around here these days.
I'd either clean them up as they are and run them till something better comes along or bite the bullet now and get them re-chromed or powder coated off white like the older Typhoon models. The chrome on those old rims is pretty tough, some time with a buffer and some polish may make them acceptable. Some proper chrome polish and a good high speed buffing pad can work wonders.
The decals are available, most of the other chrome bits were made by Wald for Schwinn. The bars, fenders, and seat post are all just off the shelf Wald parts if your not going for a restoration.
I had a flamboyant red 1965 model as a kid, it was in mint condition when I handed it down to a younger brother, who proceeded to strip it down and beat it to death as a BMX type bike. No clue what happened to hit after that.

Here's one I picked up a few weeks ago, found it in a dumpster behind an office building.
I'm in the process of going over it bit by bit. The chrome luckily is in great shape, the rims have some scratching but their perfectly round with good spokes.
The tires aren't original and made by Carlisle, the rear hub was so gummed up the bike wouldn't even roll. There's a few dings in the fenders but I can fix those. The paint has its fair share of scratches but not bad enough for me to want to or have to repaint it. According to the serial number, this one is a 1972 model

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