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Cruising82 09-04-13 01:58 AM

Frankenstine Schwinn
Okay so my Schwinn started life as a 1980 Schwinn anniversary edition, however I began customing it to look more like one of the 1940's to early 1950's Schwinns. I have a theory that Schwinn blood is Schwinn blood and mixed Schwinn and associates do not matter. It is coming together nice however I still have a laundry list for my mechanic and a long list of parts I will be ordering.

ilikebikes 09-04-13 01:57 PM

So where are the pics?

Cruising82 09-05-13 04:29 AM

currently do not have a functional camera, and it might be a couple months before I can get a reliable one.

Bjforrestal 09-06-13 11:34 PM

Frankenstine Schwinn
I like frankenbikes. But they're nothing without pics! Borrow a buddy's phone or something.

ilikebikes 10-10-13 03:18 PM

Yeah man, Ive been popin' in and out of this thread waiting/hoping to see pics! Dude!?

rustjunkie 10-13-13 09:00 AM

tease :lol:

howeeee 11-12-13 07:03 PM

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here is a franken Schwinn with a Monarch front end that I built. I sold it cause i dont like franken bikes lol

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