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kirby999 10-17-13 11:42 AM

Busy Wednesday
I had a pretty busy day yesterday dealing with a new cruiser bike.
First I'd ordered a Schwinn Point Beach from Walmart and find out they have one in stock locally , still in the box . I figure I got lucky this one . They said I could pick it up after 10 am , I was there around 9:45 looking on the floor to see if they had one together I could size up. No deal . So I go back to the pickup area and picked up my new bike . When they brought it out , I was surprised to see an almost perfect box . With all the bad things you read about buying a bike online I expected to see a crushed corner at least .
Took it home , assembled it in about two hours , greasing the front steering tube bearings which actually had some grease , another surprise . When I got to the rear wheel , while adjusting the derailleur , I noticed a grinding noise when I rotated the wheel. I'm thinking a bad freewheel , so I pulled it and it seemed ok , so I spin the wheel without the freewheel and it's the wheel bearing making the noise . I greased them and adjusted the tension and then they were quite like they should be . Then I adjusted the brakes and pumped up the tires .
She's ready to ride . I took off down the driveway and this is when it hits me how small the bike is . It feels smaller than my old HD .
So, I took it back to Walmart and returned it . Somebody's going to get a nicely assembled Point Beach .
I couldn't help but to notice the quality of the bike , definitely not up to what a Schwinn used to be . I also noticed the frame dropouts were modern , built for the 7 speed freewheel and derailleur. Couldn't convert to a single by just changing wheels .
Left Walmart , checked out Target , looking for a single speed cruiser. They had one for $130 , but I wasn't impressed with it .
After Target I stopped off at a Trek store and tried out a Trek Pure . Smooth bike , definitely better quality ,and its a full size bike, but I'm not ready to drop $500 bucks on one .
I get home , start searching around the net , and I find out I can get an Electra Cruise One from REI for $249. WOW ! Sounds like what I'm looking for . I had trouble ordering directly online , I had to order by phone , but I have one on the way . Should be here next week. Kirby

surreal 10-17-13 01:11 PM

I can't imagine myself buying a brand new cruiser from a local retailer. That's what Craigslist is for-- finding a decent used cruiser. IF ya gotta buy new, grab a Worksman. Personally, i tend to get the best of both worlds-- I have a habit of buying used Worksmen (Worksmans?).

kirby999 10-17-13 04:07 PM

I've "cruised" Craigslist looking for deals , but most are too far away or in a sketchy part of town . Others are $100 bikes with $50 price tags . I prefer to buy from yardsales locally , but lately the bikes are bought up by dealers that discovered my area . Anyway I've wound up putting more money than a bikes worth in fixing up a used one . Got a garage full of them . Never seen an Electra used around here . This will be the base of my eventual ultimate cruiser . I ordered a Brooks B-67 for it today . Kirby

surreal 10-17-13 04:29 PM

Hey, do whatcha will, but there's no part of any town that's sketchier than the typical Walmart.

wahoonc 10-18-13 02:32 PM

Around here there are no cruisers on CL or in the yard sales, everybody has WM stuff listed for anywhere from 85%-125% of new retail. Most of my bikes are British built Raleighs and all except one I bought in either the Midwest or the Northeast. The only cruisers I have are WM Huffys that I bought new on clearance sale...

Aaron :)

kirby999 10-18-13 04:31 PM

I hit a few yardsales this morning . Saw a couple WM MTB's and a couple of kids 24" bikes that the folks were asking $150 each for . Kirby

yodatic 12-07-13 07:05 PM

There have been a few Electra bikes on the Pensacola CL in the last few months. tom

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