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Gothic Sunshine 11-03-13 11:04 PM

Has anyone owned a Hollandia?
I'm especially interested in this model, which I'm seriously considering buying.

kirby999 11-04-13 06:39 AM

Cool looking bike . It got good reviews on Amazon. Kirby

bikemig 11-04-13 06:49 AM

I'd check out these as well,

1FJEF 11-15-13 02:08 AM

That's a heavy bike, about 38lbs, not really any lighter than non-aluminum. The three piece crank is a nice feature, it looks to be identical to the one used on Next brand cruisers (walmart).
It's got everything you need, except lights & tire liners. Excellent value.
I'd prefer a better removable front basket and a rear rack that will take accessories, but I'm splitting hairs. The wheels look like no-name cheapies. I'd keep rider weight to under 240-250lbs.

yodatic 12-04-13 08:04 AM

Nice bike, I could see riding it a lot . I like that style. tom

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