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smurfy 01-05-14 02:25 PM

Any Winter Cruiser Projects?
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Here's mine. Schwinn Cruiser 5, I believe possibly a '98 model from the head badge.

Bike was abandoned outside at a neighbor's house for years but frame had surprisingly little rust. I sanded and repainted the frame Lexus silver and fork black. Paint job is DuPont ChromaSystem (etching primer/surfacer/seal/base/clear), not perfect but not a rattle can job, either!

Wheels are 700c Weinmann ZAC 19 double-wall rims. Sachs/Sram 3-spd rear hub. I'm converting the bb to the euro 3-pc (I already have a crank). I have a couple pairs of tires (35 and 37) but I may go to 40s, haven't decided yet. I also have quite a collection of leather saddles for it (Brooks B66, Conquest, B17, B15 and some other off-brands) so I'll have to make a decision there.

I guess I'm trying to go for the old-skool "dirt track racer"/"rat rod" style so I'll have to find a h/bar for it yet. It didn't come with fenders so that might be an option, too (probably not cruiser fenders since it's rockin' 700 wheels). Beyond that I'll just need the usual stuff for it (chain, bb, brake calipers, seat post).

Pics aren't that great but you get the idea. I'll post better ones as the project nears completion.

surreal 01-06-14 07:14 PM

Looks promising.... keep us posted. I have at least 2 winter cruiser projects, but i take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr on my builds, so.... at least the truck'll likely be done before spring....

wahoonc 01-06-14 07:47 PM

I was down at the LBS the other day...

There were several promising bikes in the used bike sales rack, haven't pulled the trigger on anything...yet.

Aaron :)

Jax Rhapsody 01-27-14 02:30 AM

building up a drifter1. so far a disc brake fork, road drops and a not so fat ass seat on it. has deeo vee swift arriv wheel that came from a mongoose xr250 i used to have. I want a back wheel from a Onyx 29er. sort of a rat rod, dirt track, cafe racer thingy.

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