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Flog00 01-20-14 05:59 PM

JC Higgins
Posted this over in C&V... thought here might be better. What do these bikes usually sell for?
Untitled by flog00, on Flickr
Untitled by flog00, on Flickr
Untitled by flog00, on Flickr

Iron Horse 01-20-14 07:00 PM

That's a really nice bike. Are you buying or selling?

Flog00 01-20-14 07:06 PM


Iron Horse 01-21-14 06:58 PM

As cheap as I can get em! Seriously I would think that $250 range would be about right. Please bear in mind that is based on just your generalized photos plus no description. It could be worth more to some, it could be worth less. And that this is only my opinion based on my purchases. With that in mind, good luck.

bicyclridr4life 08-24-14 05:11 PM

I had that bike in 1974/1975! WHERE DID YOU FIND IT?!? no, wait ... that one has the original crank, I put a Bendix internal gear 3 speed crank ... must be a sister ship to the one I had.

I paid something like $10 maybe $15 for the bike, another $30 or so for the 3 speed crank. I am 99.98% sure the bike is worth a lot more than that these days.

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