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CustomSteel 02-03-14 02:46 PM

Replacement wheel recommendations?
This is a slightly odd request, but I would like to find a good set of aluminum wheels that use a coaster brake but are also compatible with rim brakes.

Is there an affordable set like this? Or should I just source some wide 26" rim brake hoops and lace them up to the original/or new coaster brake?

I would just refurbish the original steel rims, but my friend feels more comfortable with brakes on the handlebars.

surreal 02-03-14 04:09 PM


These wheelsets come in colors, too, but the rims are powdercoated in the case of the brighter colors, so I can't recommend them for rim brakes. The silver version works fine with rim brakes. I have a hand-me-down set of these in red; so far, so good but I'm

CustomSteel 02-04-14 12:54 AM

Perfect, thanks surreal!

surreal 02-04-14 10:21 PM

Yvw =d

1FJEF 02-05-14 08:02 PM

I like this guy, Mr.Rabbit. He'll make you a coaster brake wheel set with machined brake tracks. Contact him, don't just order from his website, so you can discuss options (spoke, nipple, hub & rim type & color). I have bought 4 wheels from him, with two more this spring & two more I'm thinking about. In other words, I trust him.
I have found that most are happy with just the addition of a front brake if they are unsure of just a rear coaster.

CustomSteel 02-06-14 03:25 PM

Awesome, thanks 1FJEF!

1FJEF 02-07-14 10:17 PM

Good luck. I like his bolted hubs (non-QR). I took his 7 speed cassette hub apart to service the bearings at 1500 miles & they were pristine. The bike in question is a cruiser (all the weight on the rear wheel) that goes 325lbs with me on it + groceries.
Even his care in packaging was excellent.

CustomSteel 02-08-14 03:19 PM

Awesome, we're sticking with bolted hubs. I found that the spokes on my cruiser need to be replaced, so I'll probably be ordering a set for myself as well. For my friend's bike we'll likely get a set from Mr. Rabbit/Fleming. I prefer handbuilt wheels for a variety of reasons.

1FJEF 02-10-14 04:42 AM

If you're heavy he can do 13ga single butted for the rear. If you love your old hubs & rims he'll redo them with new spokes too.

CustomSteel 02-10-14 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by 1FJEF (Post 16482703)
If you're heavy he can do 13ga single butted for the rear. If you love your old hubs & rims he'll redo them with new spokes too.

I tip the scales at slightly over 200lbs, does this count as heavy enough for 13 gauge?

1FJEF 02-11-14 06:59 AM

200lbs and above is considered heavy, but if you don't put many miles on it'll last forever. I ride 3200miles+/year.
Single speed coaster brake? I don't think weight is a problem with a handbuilt wheel. Multispeed hub has more offset.
He's out of 32mm wide(external), 36 spoke rims (I bought them) but if you want overkill, but he'll use an Alex DM24 if you like (26", 32mm ext. width, you may have to drill valve to schraeder). The rear must be 36 hole.
I always use a 26", 32mm wide, 36 hole, double wall rear rim, but I'm way bigger than you. The front isn't a big deal, I don't break (36 spoke) them as I ride upright & the weight is over the rear.

CustomSteel 02-13-14 09:35 PM

That works. I prefer wheels to be stronger, so I stay away from anything under 36H. I actually used thicker gauge spokes on my first (700c) wheel rebuild and found the wheel to be much more solid and provide an even better ride than the original. I'm not worried about multispeed hubs on these bikes, as we want to keep the chain guards. I wouldn't mind a 3spd on the hills, but the single speed is doable.

SquidPuppet 03-06-14 06:24 PM

Another option to explore, just in case. Hand built, and he only does coasters. He offers a couple different brake models too. Spendy.

wahoonc 03-06-14 07:31 PM

Build yer own it ain't rocket science. I build my own for several reasons: A) I get what I want, B) if they break it are my fault, C) I KNOW they are done right. FWIW I am over 90kg (looks better than 200# ;)) I typically use 36 holes, 14ga stainless spokes and have yet to break a wheel. On my better bikes I use double butted spokes 14/15/14 they are actually stronger than the straight gauge spokes. My city bike has 700c wheels they are 36 hole 14ga stainless on CR-18 rims. Fully loaded me and the bike can hit close to 325# the roads where I live suck. My wheels are still rolling along, fairly straight after 2 years of abuse. I DON'T ride very many bikes with derailleurs, most of mine are IGH so the wheels can be built with minimal offset.

Aaron :)

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