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Iron Horse 02-04-14 08:31 PM

This ride....
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This is what my commute looked like this morning. the ride home was even more fun. Had around a foot of snow. More expected later this week. Yipee!

dwightisright 02-05-14 06:52 AM

beach cruisers = snow cruisers in our part of the country. Been thinking about getting a wide tire bomb from bd. Might be a cool ride,

Iron Horse 02-09-14 07:43 PM

This is what I found at our "local" Automobile this weekend.
Don't know what the bike is as the headbadge cannot be read. I like the fact that the bike bag is made in England.

Iron Horse 02-16-14 08:09 PM

So I haven't done much riding other than to and from work, however I did come across another ride to add to my collection:
It's missing the correct front rack, and I will probably remove the baskets in the future, but for now it's a lot of fun. It's listed as a middle weight, but I will bet it tips the scales at near to 60 pounds!

Shp4man 02-16-14 11:05 PM

Nice bikes! Lots of potential in this one.

Fastfingaz 02-18-14 05:18 PM

What is the correct front rack????? I don't think it came with a rack front or back?????

Iron Horse 02-19-14 06:31 PM

Thanks shop4man, I haven't decided what I want to do yet with that bike other than put some bars and a seat on it, and ride! Our weather has been warmer this week, and my morning commute has been much more enjoyable.

Every Schwinn Corvette I have researched has had that style rack if it had been restored. This was also confirmed by the old timers at the local Schwinn store that the Corvettes came with that front rack from the mid 1950's to the late 1960's.

Fastfingaz 02-19-14 08:09 PM

Now that I see it I remember the rack style, I didn't recognize the corvette, I just remembered them plain in front?? good info,,,,,,,,,

bicyclridr4life 02-20-14 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by iron horse (Post 16468578)
this is what my commute looked like this morning. the ride home was even more fun. Had around a foot of snow. More expected later this week. Yipee!

pedal tracks time! :)

StephenH 02-27-14 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by Iron Horse (Post 16482040)
This is what I found at our "local" Automobile this weekend.

Worksman bikes are similar to that, posting on the "Classic" forum might get you some people that recognize the headbadge or exact frame shape.

Iron Horse 03-04-14 06:53 PM

Bicyclridr4life: Yes I was making pedal tracks later on. It was not fun. I wiped out three times going down a hill because of pedal tracks and extreme slickness. Bleah.

StephenH, I am not too concerned yet whatexactly it is yet, maybe after this spring I will post it and see. Thanks for the tip though. I agree that it looks similar to a worksman, I would like one eventually. Just wish they were a little cheaper.

This was my Monday morning. 4:30 am, -2.2 degrees with a -20 wind chill. Brrrr..... I tried several times to take a clear shot of our downtown all lit up, but this was the best I could get. Sorry.

I will try for a better one later on. Perhaps it was too cold for my phone to work right!

Iron Horse 03-18-14 10:55 AM

Well, my not so little girl had a Girl Scout thing in the big city of Salina, so Mom and I went riding around and exploring while my truck was in for an alignment at a nearby tire shop. After picking the youngster up, we all went riding around a bit to enjoy a few side streets.

After riding around a bit, we decided to stop at one of my old favorites for lunch. I had a hot ham and cheese on pita bread with all the fixins, while She Who Must Be Obeyed had a turkey wrap, and the tiny teenager had a Zombie burger. I didn't think to take a picture of our meal, as I was waiting for people to get out of the way so that I could take pictures.

This place has been around for longer than I have, and sometime in the past they opened a branch in Hutchinson. Just as good but the store is not as quaint.

We then proceeded to ride downtown to check out what all has changed. Quite a few of the stores have opened up into sort of an old town atmosphere with little coffee shops with bookstores or some type of bar-room atmosphere. I would like to visit a few of the latter someday (when not trying to provide a "wholesome" image for my 14 year old.

And I realize these next two pictures are not of the biking variety, but they are part of our ride so thought to include them.

I am a big fan of vintage steam locomotives and aircraft, and this old Constellation has been sitting on the tarmac since 1990 when I first moved to Salina to get my pilots license. The owner has worked on her since then off and on to bring her back. I have known her to fly twice in the period since then, and look for her every time I am back in town.

As of yesterday, She has been moved to the very North end of the tarmac, and he has pulled her far left engine. I am hoping to bring the family up when he gets her flying again, but with the cost of av-gas what it is, it may be a while yet.

Have a good week!

Iron Horse 04-07-14 04:35 PM

I went to Newton to a shop who the owner has made the basement a salvage yard of sorts in search of parts for a Sears three speed that I am working on. The pictures don't do this place justice.

As I was leaving with my treasures, this little old lady pulls in with her big farm truck and wants her bike restored. Since the store guy is on the phone, and she was talking to both of us trying to figure out what she wanted and how much she could afford, I offered to help her offload her bike. This was the first time I have seen a barn fresh Stingray.

While I was drooling, I suggested that to simply clean up the bike and some application of some mild polish as well as a little elbow grease with some brass wool on the chrome would really make that bike pop as well as keep her costs of repaint and decals down. Besides I told her, they're only original once. Plus it will be worth more in the end. She seemed to like that idea as she suggested that I take it home. I had to decline as I am sure that the shop owner would not have appreciated me stealing business.

BostonGreg 05-09-14 04:07 PM

A classic!

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