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Proline69 02-07-14 12:37 PM

Frame ID - please help
Trying to ID this frame i got from a friend . Any and all help appreciated . Or leads on different site that might be able to help . Thanks

CustomSteel 02-08-14 03:54 PM

No numbers or markings?

Proline69 02-08-14 07:31 PM

No sir , nothing . My buddy said the guy he got it from yrs ago said he thought it might be an Elgin ? But all the Elgins I've seen have both top tubs curved .

Italiansteel 02-08-14 07:58 PM

Sterling, harthorna maybe one of the lost manufactuorsssss of the east side of America, cuz that ant no Euro trash....
LOL looks heavy. Clean it up, try to get a fork that will work and make a frankinbike...
Black or a cool patina and some smooth rolling wheels and all of a suddin jour cool. good luck pedal power

Proline69 02-08-14 10:00 PM

Thanks . I've got everything to build it up , just have to decide how I'm going to go about it . Cruiser / flat / Bmx bars also 2 or 3 diff forks , 1 piece or 3 piece cranks a couple different pedals and wheel sets , brakes or coaster ? You see , time is what I really need . The bike will choose its parts once I start building it , they always do . Thanks again , I'll keep you all posted soon enough .

Proline69 02-10-14 09:00 PM

Search is over frame is a TAKARA

CustomSteel 02-10-14 11:42 PM

Ok wow, was not expecting that. Keep us updated with your build, sounds like it'll be fun!

surreal 02-11-14 04:26 PM

How is that a Takara? I saw your thread on RRB, where you came to the same conclusion, and well... I guess it ain't impossible, but? A Takara? Really? From what year?

Proline69 02-12-14 09:58 AM

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Not sure on the year , possibly early 80 s

surreal 02-12-14 04:47 PM

That is sooooooooooooooooooooo hott. Not even a little bit sarcastic; I love it. What size wheels was it designed around?

surreal 02-12-14 04:51 PM

Looks like a 26"

Proline69 02-12-14 06:03 PM

Yes 26" but im going a different route on mine , i'll keep you guys posted

surreal 02-12-14 06:44 PM


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