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fiatjeepdriver 02-08-14 02:14 AM

New project any pointers?
This is going to be my first klunker and I have a few different ideas to build it up.

Base frame 57? Schwinn Hornet?

I have a couple different forks I'm considering though right now I am leaning towards using a retro ryder headset and running a fat bike fork and 4" tire in the front. I'm not sure if I should repaint this or leave the patina. As for the rest of the build it's a toss up, I change my mind on how I want to build it up fairly often. One thing I need to have it done before the end of May since I'll be racing an easier super course on it.

So do I repaint it and how should I build it up?

Some of my other project cruisers:

Older Ross I repainted and used decals left over from when my grandfather had a john deere dealership, also yes that is a car horn on the stem...

and my newer madwagon cruiser with magura hydraulic rim brakes, syncros stem, bullseye hubs laced to salsa gordo rims, and not pictured a kooka razor crank.

CustomSteel 02-08-14 03:26 PM

Absolutely repaint it! Just give it a paintjob that's easy to touch up. I dig the fat tires build, go with that. I want to build up a bike that way myself sometime.

Shp4man 02-08-14 06:48 PM

That's a great starting point. Building one of these is really a matter of personal preference. If the fork was replaced with anything, it would be a springer if it were my bike.

fiatjeepdriver 02-09-14 10:17 PM

I used to have a bike with a springer fork but I didn't really like it, though that might have been that particular fork.

The bike is a 63 western auto I repainted (I kind of like painting frames)

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