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DaveyG 06-10-14 09:48 PM

Hiawatha Gambles SS coaster
Anybody help me out with an age guesstimate on my new project? Picked it up for the wife for her birthday. Already got the rims sandblasted and halfway thru painting (wheels will be antique white, frame and fenders are going to be a sea green/blue) I rescued it from a farmers field, and after a touch of penetrating oil everything moves, (and since it's a hardware/department store bike, I figured that the purists wouldn't cry much about a touch of artistic liberty) so I figure it's a good (amateur) restoration candidate, but I was just curious on it's age.
Here's a pic of the frame in it's current state:

And here's the current state of the fenders:

DaveyG 06-18-14 07:37 AM

Got most of the paint done, now gotta do just a tiny bit of pinstriping (cream color to match the rims) and paint will be finished. Then just waiting on the new full spoke and nipple set that is on it's way and reassembly will commence.

bicyclridr4life 06-22-14 12:44 PM

very late 1950's/early-mid 1960's based on chain guard and fork.

Great color choices, by the way.

DaveyG 06-24-14 07:05 AM

Thanks! Yeah I figure it was ~65 since that was the first year (google image search repeatedly) that Murray and Hiawatha didn't have a brace welded in between the tubes between the neck and bottom bracket. Here's one pic of one of the finished wheels:

bikemig 06-24-14 07:07 AM

This is a cool project; i like it a lot.

DaveyG 06-25-14 10:32 PM

Thanks! I'm having lots of fun with it. It's just one of many back burner projects. Had a few minutes this evening so I slipped the rubbers on and got them pumped up. (Yes, I have a problem, step one is admitting it right?) :-D

jnewkirk77 06-25-14 10:37 PM

Looks like it's coming along nicely! Very cool project!!!

DaveyG 06-28-14 05:05 PM

Decided to hold off on the pinstripes for the time being, but needed to get the wife some progress so she wouldn't lose interest. So all it needs now is some new cream color grips, some cream leather to restitch the seat, and pinstripes.

jnewkirk77 06-29-14 07:51 AM

Looks great!

bicyclridr4life 07-22-14 05:13 PM

Sweet Ride for your Sweetie :)

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